Why No Casino Battle Royale, WWE Superstar Inappropriately Touched

no casino battle royale
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As long as the show was, some fans might be wondering  why there was no Casino Battle Royale at AEW’s Double Or Nothing show. And, one WWE Superstar was recently inappropriately touched, by a fan, during a show./

Why No Casino Battle Royale

As long as Double or Nothing was, maybe you are wondering why there was no Casino Battle Royale match.

But, considering how long the show ran…I can’t imagine many are asking. I know I wasn’t.

Still, the match has been a staple for AEW.

So, why wasn’t there a Casino Battle Royale on Sunday?

Tony Khan provided some insight to the decision in post-show interviews.

For one, Khan indicated that the time the Casino Battle Royale would eat up could be, and was, better spent on specific matches.

As in, he preferred to focus on a handful of stars, versus getting 21 talents on the show, who otherwise may not have been.

On top of the timing, he did provide another interesting reason.

no casino battle royale

source: @aew, twitter, screenshot

Specifically, concerns that whatever transpired during the Casino Battle Royale could have tipped their hands for the main event.

Certainly an interesting remark, and it makes you wonder what could have been pitched that didn’t happen.

Bottom line, it was a really long show, and while it may have been a good one…it would have been a tough ask to endure another 20 or 30 minutes for the Casino Battle Royale.

And just like that, the 2022 edition of Double or Nothing did not have the Casino Battle Royale.

Given what we did get, and knowing how long it was…what match or matches would you have honestly wanted cut, to make room for it?

WWE Superstar Inappropriately Touched

Too often we’ve been hearing fans crossing the line, and now a WWE Superstar has been inappropriately touched during her ring entrance.

NXT UK Superstar Xia Brookside made a post on Twitter indicating she experienced this, well, assault, during a show recently. The tweet seemed to be removed, but had been captured by several sources.

no casino battle royale

source: @xiabrooksidewwe, twitter, screenshot

Brookside did confirm that this unwanted slap did not happen on an NXT show, not that it matters.

And, while it does not, or at least, should not need to be said…this is worth repeating.

Sadly, this is just the latest example of fans crossing the line with wrestlers.

We’ve seen fans show up at the homes of Superstars with bad intentions. Recently, Alexa Bliss and her new husband were even threatened.

And, let’s not forget a fan attacking Seth Rollins, or the one who jumped Bret Hart during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony a few years back.

There’s just no reason for it.  Buying a ticket means you can watch and cheer and boo.

It does not mean you can touch any of the talent in any way you wish.

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