A Breakdown of Mr. McMahon’s Bizarre Speech On SmackDown

Vince McMahon

The wrestling world was buzzing when WWE announced that Mr. McMahon would be live on SmackDown. Here’s how VKM’s visit to the blue brand went down.

Mr. McMahon’s Speech

We open with the standard “Then Now Forever Together” and then Vince’s music hits and Mr. McMahon is coming out to the ring with his music. 

This isn’t a pre-record. Vince is going to the ring with a live mic.  I would say it’s about 70% cheers and 30% boos. 

He does some standard pop stuff mentioning being in Minnesota to the cheers of the audience.

Then Vince goes into a brief statement mentioning the open title “Then Now Together” and he says “the most important part.”  is that we are “Together.”

He then welcomes the crowd to SmackDown, throws the mic out of the ring and steps out of the ring. 

After he walks out of the ring, Vince shakes a few hands in the crowd before the SmackDown opening title plays. 

And…That’s it.

No actual promo. No mention of the scandal. Nothing villainous, apologetic, or even that noteworthy.

Did Mr. McMahon come out to squash the rumors? Because if he did, I’m not sure it worked. Except now everyone is talking about the brevity of the speech.

Perhaps he felt he needed to show his face, but didn’t want to take away from a big SmackDown, which includes Roman Reigns‘ first defense of the Undisputed Title? 

But, was that Vince’s farewell speech? I know he’s notorious for not liking the spotlight on himself, but you would expect him to say something substantial at this moment.

Will that be the last time we see Mr. McMahon? I suspect it will be for a long time. But if that was the last time we ever see Vince on TV, it has been one heck of a ride. 

The Reactions 

Is this part of VKM’s mind games?

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