Superstar Poised For Big Push, What’s Next For Becky Lynch

superstar poised big push
source: @fightbobby, twitter, screenshot

With some roster uncertainty now, one Superstar could be poised for a big push following Hell In A Cell. Plus, what’s next for Becky Lynch, specifically as it relates to SummerSlam?

Superstar Poised For Big Push

Following Sunday’s Hell In A Cell, it seems one Superstar in particular could be poised for a big push.

No, this one won’t be about Madcap Moss…though he could be too.

This time, the Superstar poised for a big push could be Bobby Lashley.

It would be well deserved, to be sure. And, it would be somewhat unexpected.

At one point, fans thought we might see Lashley in a top match for a title at WrestleMania…but WWE had other plans.

Now…well, as they say, plans change. And they are in constant flux now.

Following his victory over Omos and MVP, Lashley found a replica belt and paraded around with it.

superstar poised big push

source: @fightbobby, twitter, screenshot

Fans ate it up, and the announce team ran with it.

That the announce team discussed it on air is telling, because they have a certain boss in their ear.

If he wants it said, it gets said…and vice verse.

So, the Wrestling Observer provided some insight to this development, since there is basically a lot of chaos at the top of the card now.

Not that long ago, we had an idea of who Reigns’s next three big opponents would be: Riddle (Money In The Bank), Orton (SummerSlam) and Drew McIntyre (Clash at the Castle).

From what Meltzer is saying, the Riddle match may be off. WWE themselves have been bombarding us with Orton injury news, making it seem like he might be out a while.

Of the 3, only Drew is seemingly locked in…but there’s plenty of time for things to abruptly change (just ask Cody).

Which brings us back to Lashley. If Riddle and Orton are out, or just no longer in favor…and Lesnar is off playing rancher…and Cody Rhodes is done for a while…there is a bit of a need for a top challenger or two.

Enter Bobby Lashley. While Orton-Reigns at SummerSlam is a big match…Lashley and Reigns could be too.

The only downside to it? Lashley + MVP cutting promos against Reigns + Paul Heyman is much better. 

Time will tell, but with SummerSlam rapidly approaching…stay tuned.

What’s Next For Becky Lynch

Speaking of SummerSlam…what’s next for Becky Lynch as we move into the hotter months?

According to the Observer, all signs point to a bigger Belair-Lynch showdown in Tennessee shortly.

If you paid attention to the story told in the triple threat during Hell In A Cell, you could pick up on that a bit.

Effectively, Asuka was in there as, well, a jobber. Sure, she got her offense in, but when Bianca had Asuka down, Becky tried to capitalize…and vice versa.

And, as we know, Lynch took out Asuka at the end, but it was Belair who was victorious.

Building up to a one on one match makes sense.

superstar poised big push

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

For one, it would take that pair full-circle. Lynch, of course, returned last year at SummerSlam and took the RAW Women’s Championship from Belair.

Now, one year later…would WWE make the same move? And…in Bianca’s home state?

Or, will WWE see it as an opportunity to firmly establish Belair as one of the best Superstars, and give her a signature-clean-win over The Man?

We shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out, if that is the plan.