Solo Sikoa Main Roster Move Nixed, Dewey Foley Leaves WWE

Solo Sikoa Main Roster
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There were plans for Solo Sikoa to join the main roster as part of the Bloodline, but they were scrapped. And, Dewey Foley has departed WWE.

Solo Sikoa Main Roster Move Nixed

When NXT underwent dramatic changes, that meant many of the familiar names were leaving. At the same time, WWE brought in a new crop of wrestlers for the new NXT 2.0 brand.

One of the additions was Solo Sikoa, who is related to The Usos and Roman Reigns. Seemingly, he would be natural fit for the Bloodline.

While speaking with WWE on BT Sport, Sikoa mentioned how he was supposed to already join the main roster. As expected, WWE wanted him to join his fellow family on TV.

“I don’t want to be referred to as their brother, their cousin,” said Sikoa. “I want people to recognize me for me.”

“Before I debuted on TV, WWE creative were like ‘we’ll put you with your brothers’. Then the next meeting was like ‘let’s see what you can do on your own.’”

“I felt like ‘this is my time now. This is the time for fans to recognize me as Solo instead of [with] Jimmy and Jey.’”

So far, Sikoa has been impressive in NXT 2.0. He went on lengthy winning last year, before falling to Gunter.

Even the fans see something special in Sikoa. When he walks out, the crowd chants similar to how they did with Samoa Joe.

Last year, Solo Sikoa made his debut in NXT and was booked very well according to many fans. For anyone to be party of the Bloodline, it means a huge push.

Reigns and The Usos have gold from both RAW and SmackDown.

If, or maybe better yet when, Sikoa makes his way to the main roster, he should get a decent push. Now, if he goes straight to the Bloodline, I imagine more gold and a massive push for new talent.

Dewey Foley Leaves WWE

Solo Sikoa Main Roster

Source: @DeweyHaveTo, Twitter, Screenshot

Wrestling fans are very familiar with the work of Mick Foley. He went by many names such as Cactus Jack, Mankind and Dude Love.

Foley’s love for the wrestling business transitioned to his children. Both are huge fans of pro wrestling.

His daughter, Noelle Foley, wanted to be a wrestler. She tried training, but was unable to continue due to concussions.

Now, his son, Dewey Foley, opted to go the route of creative. After about two years, he decided to leave according to PW Insider.

“Dewey Foley, the son of WWE Hall of Fame Mick Foley, who had been on the WWE Creative Team, most recently for NXT and who made appearances for the company on the WWE Network Holy Foley! reality series, recently departed WWE,” noted PW Insider.  “One source stated Foley exited in late April.” 

“We are told that he chose to leave the company and it was not a case of him being cut.  At one point, he was the lead writer for 205 Live.”

We will have to see what is next for Dewey. His is a young man who could travel the world and eventually return to WWE.