Sasha Banks Released WWE
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Sasha Banks, along with tag team partner Naomi, walked out on the May 16th edition of Monday Night RAW this year. As such, they were suspended indefinitely without pay. A new report states that Sasha Banks has now been released by the WWE.

Report: Sasha Banks Released By WWE

According to Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc., Sasha Banks has been released by the WWE. As seen below, he’s unsure if this is something that Banks requested or a WWE-led decision.

As WNZ reported earlier, Sasha had PRK eye surgery done this week. Some images from the surgery flooded social media.

More interesting than the eye surgery was the fact she had changed her hair color. This had the internet buzzing with speculation.

WWE Released Sasha Banks – Contract Information

As per Kazeem Famuyide, a former WWE writer, Sasha’s deal with the company was coming up in a couple of months. However, this was never confirmed.

Neither Naomi nor Banks have commented on their walkout, but it seemed to have been over creative issues. Since their suspension, the WWE has taken out all references to the two talents from their television intros.

In addition to this, they’ve also pulled their merchandise and deleted the two’s Facebook pages. WNZ will continue to update fans when it comes to this ongoing situation.

Over to the land of AEW, they aren’t with controversy, either. Earlier this week, news came out that Jeff Hardy was arrested for yet another DUI.

As the days go by, more information seems to surface about this story. Now according to reports, AEW superstars seem quite worried over Hardy.

AEW Concerns For Jeff Hardy

According to Fightful Select, a number of AEW talents note that Matt and Jeff Hardy were being considered for an AEW Tag Title run before Double or Nothing (DON). As such, this is a cause for concern for many superstars.

WWE Released Sasha Banks

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It seems as though Jeff has been struggling with substance abuse issues for a while now. There are rumors that he had been intoxicated on some past occasions.

One was said to have happened during WrestleMania weekend, and the other after an event in a hotel lobby. AEW stars also state there was worry over Hardy at AEW DON.

He seemed “off” during his tag team’s win over the Young Bucks, recently. Matt would state it was because Jeff was dealing with a head injury from earlier on in the bout.

Things Changed – Plans Changed

Fightful reports that due to the DON match and talk of “concerns”, the idea of the Hardys winning the tag titles stopped. They also note that the segment that aired last week on Dynamite featuring the three tag teams, including the Hardys, was pre-taped a week before.

This week, AEW CEO Tony Khan revealed a statement saying that Jeff Hardy had been suspended from the company without pay for his DUI arrest. The announcement also notes that he will not be able to return until he completes addiction treatment.

AEW then removed the Hardys from the three-way ladder match set to take place during the Road Rage event. It was dropped to a two-on-two bout, where the Young Bucks defeated Jurassic Express to become the new AEW Tag Champs.