Moxley & Cole Injured At Forbidden Door, Tony Khan Upset Over Leaks

moxley cole forbidden door
source: @JJWilliamsWON, twitter, screenshot

Sunday night was a big show for AEW, but it may have been costly-both Jon Moxley and Adam Cole are said to have been injured at Forbidden Door. Plus, Tony Khan is upset over leaks coming out of his locker room.

Moxley And Cole Injured At Forbidden Door

Many fans loved AEW’s latest PPV, but we are hearing that both Jon Moxley and Adam Cole were injured at Forbidden Door on Sunday evening.

How significant those injuries are might adjust how fans feel.

Or, they might not, because the show was certainly a strong effort, in spite of different issues ahead of the opening bell.

AEW was already working around several key stars being injured before Forbidden Door.

Now, it looks like Moxley and Cole got injured at Forbidden Door too…which may impact some plans.

One of these seems more obvious than the other, but depending on things, both are of some significant concern.

Per the Wrestling Observer, newly crowned interim AEW Champion Jon Moxley remarked during a post-show interview that he might have suffered a concussion during the main event.

moxley cole forbidden door

source: @JJWilliamsWON, twitter, screenshot

This would be bad news if true, because it would seemingly take Moxley out of Wednesday’s Blood & Guts match.

There did not seem to be any glaringly obvious point in the main event where Mox seemed out of it, so perhaps this is a case of a star trying to sell the intensity of the match?

The other report, for Adam Cole, is more straightforward.

Adam Cole was one of four talents in the match for Jay White’s IWGP title.

As the match neared it’s end, Cole w

s set up for, but collapsed during, an attempted finisher.

White subsequently pinned Cole to retain the title.

Per the Observer, it is believed that Cole did indeed sustain a concussion during the fatal fourway. 

With other notable stars out with their own ailments, adding even one more top star to the list is not ideal.

Tony Khan Upset Over Leaks

In what might be making a mountain out of a molehill…Tony Khan is upset over some locker room leaks.

The man in charge of AEW made the point during his post-show debrief on Sunday night.

I get being upset over leaks. 

However, when you hear of the leak in question…maybe you will agree about the mountain out of a molehill.

I should preface it by saying, I get it. Management wants things to stay within the locker room. 

His anger and concern are likely for things far more sensitive than this example.

moxley cole forbidden door

source: @DrainBamager, twitter, screenshot

With that said…Tony Khan was upset over leaks about the rumored new entrance music for Orange Cassidy.

Here Khan’s concern by clicking here.

Now, Khan does given an example of how, a couple years back, Jon Huber’s wife told the AEW locker room that her husband was very sick.

That news didn’t leave the group, as the severity of his illness wasn’t known, basically until his passing.

But, when internal discussions about a new theme for Cassidy came up…it wasn’t met with similar silence.

Khan’s point is valid, in that one should be treated the same as the other.

It just seems like something maybe not worth blasting during a post-show call.

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