Huge Change At NXT 2.0 – Triple H Is Back

NXT 2.0

The changes at WWE roll on. Vince is out as CEO, Stephanie is in charge, and The Game is back. After months away following a potential restructure and major healthcare, reports are in that Triple H is back in charge of NXT.

This is great on multiple fronts. First, it is a miracle that Trips is healthy enough to be back on the job after nearly dying due to heart failure.

Will NXT Change? 

And second, I loved Triple H’s NXT. For all its flaws, the OG Black & Gold brand was fun with a bit of an edge. NXT 2.0 certainly retains that edge, but now is more about developing characters than being WWE’s answer to AEW and indie wrestling.

I really like how NXT is right now. I’ve always been more a fan of character-focused wrestling than “work rate.”

Reactions To Triple H Returning To NXT

Master Troll and bad guy Grayson Waller chimed in.

Some people want NXT back to the old days.

Could we see a new champion?

I’m all for fantasy booking, but let’s not get carried away folks.

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