Former WWE 24/7 Champ Retires, News On AEW Injuries

Former 24/7 champ retires
Source: @sewrestlingnews, twitter, screenshot

In some interesting news, a former WWE 24/7 champ retires…for the second time. And, we have some backstage news on AEW injuries.

Former WWE 24/7 Champ Retires

We see athletes step away all  the time, and now a former WWE 24/7 Champ retires.

But…not just any former WWE 24/7 Champion.

And in fact…not a former WWE champion with a lengthy career in the ring.

As in, this former WWE 24/7 Champion retires…but not as a WWE Superstar.

Instead, Rob Gronkowski is retiring from the NFL. Again.

At the ripe old age of 32.

Former WWE champ retires

Source: @sewrestlingnews, twitter, screenshot

Gronk, of course, has had his share of work in WWE. He is friends with the former Mojo Rawley, whom he aided during WrestleMania back several years.

And, he served as a big time host of our pandemic WrestleMania. It was during those hosting duties that we saw Gronk win the title.

And, Gronk enjoyed a fairly long reign, too. Though he did ultimately drop the title back to R-Truth.

With news of his second  football retirement quite fresh, it’s never too soon to ponder…

Could the future Hall of Fame tight end be heading back to WWE?

Given his size, talent and charisma, I would imagine WWE might be open to a reunion.

However, considering there seemed to be big plans for Gronk in WWE…and he abruptly left the company to head back to the NFL…

Plus…it seems he may not have been too popular in WWE?

Well, who knows. 

What I do wonder is, WWE of late has been on a quest for two things in any new Superstars.

Youth and, I suppose, inexperience. They have shied away from established veterans and released quite a few too.

Would Gronk’s age and outside fame prevent him from a reunion? 

Or would the Super Bowl champion even be interested in revisiting his wrestling career?

News On AEW Injuries

The company has had a bunch of them of late, so we’ve got some news on a few AEW injuries.

Right up front, there is nothing here about Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole or CM Punk.

So, if that was your hope…no need to continue further.

With that PSA out of the way…

There have been quite a few significant injuries of late. This latest round of updates covers one major star, and two rising ones.

Former WWE champ retires

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All updates are coming via Fightful.

First, the major name: Matt Hardy.

While Jeff is sidelined working on his sobriety, Matt has issues of his own.

Specifically, Matt Hardy is working through a knee injury. There is no more detail on the nature of it at this time, but things flared up over the weekend.

Considering Jeff’s situation, perhaps AEW would be wise to write both brothers off, allowing them to recover and return later in 2022.

Another member of the roster dealing with some form of knee injury is Lee Johnson. Per the report, it is expected he will miss at least a few more months.

Last but not least is Dante Martin. Martin, you may recall, was injured in a car accident earlier in 2022.

As of this moment, there is optimism for a late 2022 return for the rising star.