4 Equally Vague & Unplausible Reasons Bray Wyatt Was Fired

WWE Perceived Bray Wyatt
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Big Dave Meltzer is at it again. The Dean of Wrestling Journalism has dropped another one of his “deliberately vague and unprovable” scoops. This time, Meltz has unloaded this absolute beauty of a nothing-burger about former WWE star and IRL weirdo Bray Wyatt’s firing from WWE. 

Just try and parse out what Meltzer is implying here about Wyatt in a recent episode of his radio show

“He was fired for reasons having nothing to do with being over and not over, he was not fired having to do with his gimmick he was fired having to do with things I probably should not talk about so I am not going to start a can of worms with that.”

There is no quicker way to “start a can of worms” than to be this vague about “things I probably should not talk about.” This comes from the guy who tried to downplay Roman Reigns’ cancer battle

If Meltzer isn’t the idiot I think he is, then this is a deliberate ploy to drum up discussion around Wyatt. Speculation that Meltzer will then report on. Perhaps this is a ploy to get someone else to leak the real reason to put out these rumors to him? 

But I think it is must simpler than that. I think Meltzer knows exactly what happened, and I do too. Since you can be vague and call yourself a journalist in wrestling, why not just put up our own crazy, vague speculation? 

My Uninformed Vague Theories on Bray Wyatt’s Departure From WWE

#1 He Knows What He Did! 

    – Yea. Look, Bray has to live with himself and his decisions. If he wants to come clean about what happened, he can go ahead. Or not. It is up to him. 

#2 Trust Me, It Was Bad

   – I’m legally obligated not to say anything. Not by my lawyer, but under the Federal Laws of the State of California and the Freedom of Informations Act. I’m risking a lot just saying this. 

#3 Let’s Just Say Certain People Backstage May Or May Not Have Been Displeased With Him 

  – I can’t name names. But if I did name names, you would know these names and understand why I named these names. 

#4 If I Told You, You Wouldn’t Believe Me

  – It is so crazy that even if I said, “Bray Wyatt was fired because he wanted too much money and was a bit of a handful backstage,” you would go, “Huh? Wait, that doesn’t many sense it must be something else” and then I would say “See, I knew you wouldn’t believe me.” 

So is Bray Wyatt done? Will he go to AEW? I don’t know and apparently, the most esteemed journalist in wrestling doesn’t either.

So why did Bray Wyatt get fired? Do you even care? Cool, me neither. 

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