Big E Hopeful News
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A match during the March 11th episode of Friday Night SmackDown this year left Big E injured. Thanks to an overhead belly-to-belly by Ridge Holland (where E landed on his head), the former WWE Champion suffered a broken neck. Still, the superstar recently hinted at some hopeful news.

Big E Hints Some Hopeful News

E hit social media shortly after his match on SmackDown to update fans on his condition, back in March. He stated that he had a broken neck with C1 and C6 vertebrae fractures, but no spinal cord or ligament injuries.


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At that point in time, he made it clear that he wouldn’t need surgery to recover. However, he did sport a neck brace and has continued to be seen with it since.

That is until a recent Instagram post. As seen above, Big E posted a three-second video on his IG story throwing his neck brace in the garbage, while “reading” a book titled “Maybe They’ll Have You Back”.

More Hopeful News For Big E (& His Fans) In The Future

While this doesn’t mean Big E will be ready for an in-return anytime soon, the IG story post is a glimmer of hope. It certainly means he is on the right path to recovery.

E has had an incredible wrestling career since officially entering the WWE in 2009. He’s been an NXT Champion, IC Champ, WWE Champion, and an eight-time Tag Title Champion along with his New Day brothers, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

To boot, Big E is a Triple Crown Champion and was Mr. Money in the Bank in 2021. Here’s hoping he’s back to 100 percent in no time.

Getting injured at any point in your career is scary and frustrating. However, when it happens early on in it can feel like a major setback.

NXT’s Tony D’Angelo is a highlight of the brand. Sadly, he recently suffered an injury scare and WNZ has an update below.

Tony D’Angelo’s Injury Status

Recently during an NXT house show, Tony D’Angelo dealt with an injury scared. It happened during his match against Cameron Grimes in Largo, Florida.

Big E Hopeful News

Source: @WWENXT, Twitter, Screenshot

It seemed to be an injury to his shoulder or arm. Some fans posted on social media that the match was stopped.

As such, many feared the worst. However, Dave Meltzer recently spoke about D’Angelo during a recent F4Wonline Daily Update.

Is Tony D’Angelo’s Injury Serious?

The good news is that the NXT wrestler likely won’t be out of action for too long. Still, the extent of D’Angelo’s injury is still not known.

Dave notes that the injury was not part of a storyline nor overly serious. He also reveals that some in the WWE downplayed any potential issues with Tony.

With that said, he also states that D’Angelo did “get hurt” during the match between him and Grimes. But it sounds like he’ll be back in action, in no time.

Here’s hoping he recovers quickly and heads back to that squared circle soon. Tony is one of the best things going on in NXT 2.0, at the moment.