WWE Has Problem With Tag Titles, Jericho’s Niece Bullied & Attacked

wwe problem tag titles
source: @Cxmilosking, twitter, screenshot

This one might not shock you, but WWE has a problem with the tag titles…and it’s likely the ones you are thinking of. Plus, in unfortunate news, Chris Jericho’s niece was bullied and attacked recently.

WWE Has Problem With Tag Titles

The company may be in a pickle…it seems WWE has a problem with the women’s tag titles.

Last week, it was a problem with the now former Women’s Tag Team Champions. That problem still persists, of course.

It was also announced last week that new women’s tag champs would be crowned via a tournament at a later date.

And…here’s where WWE has a problem with those tag titles.

There is a clear lack of depth when it comes to fielding tag teams for this tournament. This was covered a bit recently in the Observer.

Women’s tag teams are still a bit of a niche thing for WWE. While in the men’s ranks, we are accustomed to having tag team specialists…not so much for the women.

Basically, any women’s tag team has been slapped together. This time around is no different…but there’s a lack of Superstars.

wwe problem tag titles

source: @Cxmilosking, twitter, screenshot

It is somewhat ironic, because that issue was probably a major reason why the company was treating the belts so poorly in the first place.

That lack of talent lead to poor booking of Sasha and Naomi, and was a driving factor behind their walking out last week (if you believe the reports, which seem spot on).

So, the pair are suspended and who knows what happens next. But WWE still has a problem with these tag titles.

They need female Superstars…a few of them…to make some  teams and get things going in a tournament.

The obvious pairings? Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan just imploded.

Carmella and Zelina were champs, but have broken up and who knows.

Natalya and Shayna Baszler seem solid, and this might be a good fit for them. There’s also Nikki ASH and Doudrop, who haven’t been pushed too much.

There are wild cards, of course. Could this be a way for Bayley to pop back into play?

Or, could WWE bring in some fresh blood from NXT, with some decent tag team talents in Florida.

Here is also when it’s somewhat funny that they just let Dakota Kai go. Kai, along with the newly minted Raquel Rodriguez, could have certainly been a factor in such a tournament.

In general, this current problem just underscores what had the former tag champs irked. There is no women’s tag team direction, and it’s left Superstars frustrated.

Jericho’s Niece Bullied & Attacked

In something no one should ever want to see, Chris Jericho’s niece was bullied and attacked.

The AEW star shared this on Twitter, and included a disturbing video of the incident.

Per the message, it seems his niece has been enduring this for too long with no action.

If you want someone to actually do something, having the incident shared, on social media, by someone of Jericho’s stature?

wwe problem tag titles

source: @iamjericho, twitter, screenshot

It won’t hurt. In fact, it seems a safe bet that it will turn up the heat.

With some luck, this bright spotlight will help get the issues addressed so that Jericho’s niece is no longer targeted and attacked.

While “kids will be kids” is one thing, having someone repeatedly targeted and attacked is not healthy and could have dangerous consequences.


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