Will WWE Reboot Madcap Moss, RAW Superstar Announces Injury

wwe reboot madcap moss
source: @wrestlevoice1, twitter, screenshot

After an attack on SmackDown leading to a storyline injury, will WWE reboot Madcap Moss? Plus, a RAW Superstar announces an injury of their own.

Will WWE Reboot Madcap Moss

This question has been out there since he split from Happy Corbin…but will WWE reboot Madcap Moss?

We get to ask this again because on Friday’s SmackDown, we saw Madcap Moss attacked by Corbin, using the Andre the Giant trophy.

It is safe to assume that the WWE Superstar will miss some time.

According to WrestlingNews.co, there could be a good thing coming out of all this.

wwe reboot madcap moss

source: @wrestlevoice1, twitter, screenshot

It is not clear if there is actually any manner of legitimate injury being covered for. However, whether there is or not, there seems to be buzz to reboot Madcap Moss.

Frankly, this probably should have happened as soon as Moss and Corbin split. But perhaps WWE wanted an extensive overhaul, not a quick repackaging.

Moss had worked in NXT under the name Riddick Moss. Once on the main roster and aligned with Happy Corbin, he got saddled with the Madcap gimmick.

While he’s done well with it, and impressed me after an uneventful NXT run, it’s a terrible gimmick.

His jokes accomplish nothing, and the gear is awful.

Hence, the need for a reboot.

It will be interesting to see how much time Moss ends up missing.

More important, it will be interesting to see how WWE brings him back.

They could opt to go back to Riddick Moss. Or, as has been a popular trend, maybe they just bring him back as Moss.

New gear and new music would round it all out, and who knows. Moss has the look and is capable in the ring, so it will be nice to see what he can do moving forward.

RAW Superstar Announces Injury

While Madcap’s may not be legit, one RAW Superstar announces his own injury…and it’s indeed legit.

Shelton Benjamin, who has been a part of the Hurt Business...is hurt himself.

wwe reboot madcap moss

source: @wrestleconnor, twitter, screenshot

The RAW Superstar announced his injury via his own personal Twitter account:

As Benjamin noted, he’s been pretty durable. This episode is only his second injury taking him out of action, which is pretty remarkable.

He has been a steady worker, and over the last couple years has been doing good work. While he is not a main event act, he’s been good when called on.

Losing him for any length of time is not good news. The former tag champ is dependable, even if not always spectacular.

Given his longevity, the injury and time on the shelf at least makes me ask…would this be the excuse Nick Khan uses to release Benjamin?

Hopefully not, as I feel there are still compelling programs yet to be executed that Benjamin can deliver.

For now, the RAW Superstar is on the mend, and we look forward to seeing him back soon!

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