Three Details You Missed On The May 16th Raw

Monday Night Raw

The May 16th Raw came to us from legendary Norfolk Scope. The arena was sold out for a packed night of sports entertainment. The night of fun matches was eclipsed by news that Sasha Banks and Naomi left the show instead of wrestling in their scheduled main event match, we’ll have more details on that story as well. 

Here are a few highlights, but here are a few tiny details you may have missed. 

Lashley vs. Steel Cage Walls

The night opened with Bobby Lashley taking on Omos in a steel cage battle. The match was quick and fun with Lashley getting a surprise pyrrhic victory after the giant Omos tossed Lashley through the steel cage!

This isn’t the first time Lashley has flown through a steel cage. He did it by taking on Umaga in 2007 in ECW.

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Who Else Will Join Judgement Day?

Edge and his Saints of Fate are making the hard sell for joining Judgement Day. Edge’s pitch is that if you’re sick of appeasing the WWE universe and being trampled and disrespected, then Edge and his cronies are the way for you. The Ultimate Opportunist wants AJ Styles in particular to join his movement. But will he? 

If anyone is going to join, I think Balor or Styles are prime candidates. And heck, maybe Sasha and Naomi now too!

More On The Banks-Naomi Walkout

We’ve already talked about Sasha Banks & Naomi no-showing Monday Night Raw. The details continue to trickle in and what we’re learning is that Sasha & Naomi blindsided everyone backstage with their protest. 

Last night, Corey Graves called the tag champs unprofessional for walking out. What is interesting here is that Corey is typically the pro-authority “heel” announcer. Now usually a comment like that would bring defense from Byron Saxton or Jimmy Smith. But instead, the comment was ignored by the rest of the commentary team.

I believe this is a case of Corey “going into business for himself” and voicing his own opinion. A lot of Sasha stans (of which there are a lot of loud ones on Twitter) were quick to attack Corey by accusing Graves of cheating on his wife as if that one infidelity invalidates your criticism of people breaking a cardinal rule in wrestling, no showing an event. 

We will keep you all updated on this Sasha and Naomi situation.  But it does seem very real and not part of a storyline. 

What did you think of Monday Night Raw? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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