The Future Of WWE Brand Split, Hall Of Famer Gets Repaired

future wwe brand split
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As we see less and less of it, it’s time to ask…what is the future of the WWE brand split? And, one Hall of Famer gets his busted up knees repaired.

The Future Of WWE Brand Split

If you’ve been wondering about the future of the WWE brand split, let us discuss…

It’s hard to miss things getting blurred.

Outside of the unified champions, which logically get to move from brand to brand…we’ve seen plenty of other Superstars working on the other show.

Not to mention RAW talent popping up with regularity in NXT.

With the WWE draft expected in a few months, what is the future of the WWE brand split?

future wwe brand split

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

According to the Wrestling Observer...at least for now…it’s effectively over.

Per Bryan Alvarez’s comments, nearly half of the RAW crew is expected to be on site for this week’s SmackDown. That is said to include RAW Superstars with zero reason to be on the show, like Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

Well, no reason other than to keep working the ratings.

While it’s not truly a shock to hear the split to be called over, or essentially over…it is somewhat disappointing.

The brand split has been around close to 20 years at this point, so it’s something so many of us are used to…or in some cases, it’s all they know.

By doing away with it, there could be good and bad things in play.

The good? Some fresh matches, and perhaps more opportunities.

However, the bad? Some things will lose their special feel, and some talent might get lost in the shuffle.

Of course, there is nothing officially confirming that the split is dead. Or, that it’s just taking a prolonged break.

But…it’s been largely pointless or ignored for quite some time.

Funny bit is, WWE may want the split gone, but it’s network partners likely feel otherwise.

After all, NBCUniversal and FOX would rather have some exclusive talent to show off, rather than sharing with a competitor.

Hall Of Famer Gets Repaired

In more pleasant news, one WWE Hall of Famer gets his ailing knees repaired.

Yes, knees. Both of them

The Hall of Famer in question is none other than Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle.

Angle himself confirmed the surgeries via Twitter.

It’s crazy to think about him having a double knee replacement now. I feel like it wasn’t that long ago where he was still actively involved in WWE, and even being chased by AEW.

future wwe brand split

source: @realkurtangle, twitter, screenshot

Now, the former world champion will be getting used to a couple new knees.

I would think his in-ring career is certainly done now, but I’ve learned long ago to never say never.

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