A Detail You Missed On The Memorial Day Raw

Cody Rhodes

WWE is on the road to Hell In A Cell. The Memorial Day episode is the “go home” show before the PPV. Here’s a recap. But I want to focus on the white hot feud between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

Rollins’ “Sledgehammer to the throne” comment To Cody Rhodes

The hottest match for Hell In A Cell is Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes. Frankly, it isn’t even close. It is the hottest feud in all of wrestling. 

Rollins decided to get a little personal against Cody, saying the American Nightmare couldn’t “Take a sledgehammer to the throne and try to take that throne.” 

That is a reference to Cody’s infamous entrance at AEW Double Or Nothing, where the American Nightmare hit a Triple H-Esque throne with a Triple H-Esque sledgehammer.

Cody has had a chip at his shoulder about Triple H and WWE in general for a long time. Triple H was supposed to pass the torch to Cody, Rhodes thought. But Rhodes could never get out of the midcard. And when Dusty took over NXT and acted as a father figure to many wrestlers in developmental, that undoubtedly affected Cody. Dusty’s death motivated Rhodes to strike out on his own and find himself. But he could never leave WWE behind.

In AEW, Cody wanted to feud directly with Triple H. He wanted The Game’s attention. I don’t know if Rhodes ever got it. With Triple H out of the ring for good, Cody has to move to the next thing, Triple H’s would-be successor, Seth Rollins. Eventually, Cody became undeniable and fulfilled his wish to become the top guy in WWE. He earned it. 

Rhodes has daddy issues and is still working for his father’s approval. Cody wants to win the belt his father never could and become WWE champion. This is about more than Seth Rollins or Triple H. Cody’s quest to fulfill his legacy as the leader of wrestling’s royal family. 

Here’s how the Internet reacted: 

I don’t see this happening, but it would set the Internet on fire.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some real blood on Sunday. This feud is boiling out, and if they are building Cody for a colossal title run, then this is the way to do it.

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