Road Dogg Claims Ageism Drove Release, AEW’s Owen Hart Action Figure

road dogg claims ageism
Credit: @sewrestlingnews, twitter, screenshot

In an interesting development, Road Dogg claims ageism drove the release of at least one Superstar. Plus, a sneak peek at AEW’s Owen Hart action figure.

Road Dogg Claims Ageism Drove Release

In a bit of a bold statement, WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg claims that ageism drove the release of at least one former NXT Superstar.

It’s somewhat surprising hearing that come from Road Dogg, given his position with WWE.

That said, he recently spoke with WrestleZone, and he basically stated that Dexter Lumis may have been released due to his age.

Sam Shaw, the performer formerly known as Dexer Lumis, is just shy of 40.

road dogg claims ageism

source: @sewrestlingnews, twitter, screenshot

So, Road Dogg claims ageism drove the release of Lumis. If there’s a shred of evidence to support that…it could be trouble for WWE should Shaw wish to chase that.

All things considered, releasing an older talent is part of the youth movement we’ve seen with NXT 2.0.

If anything, you could actually say it was a bit surprising that Lumis made it into NXT 2.0 at all, given the push for younger, fresher talent.

When you look at who is big in NXT 2.0, Lumis was an outlier. And, he’s since been released.

It is understandable, in the grand scheme of things, if the money man Nick Khan didn’t think Lumis would translate to the main roster.

If so, cutting him at some point was inevitable. But, many fans really enjoyed his character, considering it was predominantly non-verbal.

It will be interesting to see if there is anything to the ageism claim…and if Road Dogg just got himself into some trouble.

After all…having Road Dogg claim ageism led to Lumis’s release…while Dogg is a WWE employee…might be the bigger story.

AEW’s Owen Hart Action Figure

Much has been made of their partnership, and now we can take a look at the latest benefit: AEW’s Owen Hart action figure.

Once Tony Khan announced the partnership with the Owen Hart Foundation last year, the action figure was an expected item.

Now, during the AEW Double or Nothing fan fest, it was announced that Hart’s AEW action figure is incoming.

And, there has been a teaser for the figure as well.

Some, as you can see, are excited and grateful for the incoming collectible-the first for Hart in over 20 years.

road dogg claims ageism

source: @ringsidenewscom, twitter, screenshot

While his career was tragically cut short, there is a part of me that feels this is just…odd.

For one, Owen Hart obviously never worked in AEW. Second, it’s not exactly a look fans are familiar with,  but his  WWE gear is likely being avoided for…reasons.

The upside, some portion of the money from sales of the figures will go to the Owen Hart Foundation.

Checking the social media threads, the reactions are mixed.

There are those who are expecting this to be an instant buy. Others are unfamiliar with the ring gear and don’t love it (or even think it doesn’t look much like Owen).

And others, like myself, stick on the “Hart was never All Elite” bit…but WWE has done this too…so there is that.

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