Politics Key In Wardlow AEW Match, Freddie Prinze Jr. – New Promotion

Politics Wardlow AEW Match
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In his latest AEW match, politics were key to why and how Wardlow won. Also, Freddie Prinze Jr.

Politics Key In Wardlow AEW Match

Every week, Wardlow has been finishing these types of matches on Dynamite by dominating his competitors with multiple powerbombs. In fact, “powerbomb symphony” has become a common theme.

However, when it comes to this week’s bout with Morrissey, Wardlow only hit one powerbomb to score the win. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, this may have been due to promotion politics.

Dave points out that Impact okayed the use of Morrissey. However, they likely didn’t want one of the top guys getting a beatdown on AEW TV.

Impact’s Point Of View On The Wardlow AEW Match

Meltzer goes on to say that from Impact’s point of view, one powerbomb and a pin are alright. Still, power bombing a top star over and over again could’ve been humiliating.

Dave also made it clear that this “politics” theory is a presumption on his part. No sources mentioned anything to him.

AEW has done well for itself since emerging as a new wrestling promotion back in 2019. But, is there more room for competition in the industry?

Freddie Prinze Jr. – New Promotion

Former WWE Creative member and Hollywood actor Freddie Prinze Jr. recently opened up about a possible launch of a new wrestling promotion. He talked about it on his Wrestling with Freddie podcast.

Politics Wardlow AEW Match

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Prinze reveals that he has plans to organize his own wrestling company. The name has yet to be established.

Freddie notes he’s been looking at local arenas and what the cost would be to rent them. He also states he has a commercial realtor that he loves who’s looking into properties to establish a full-time home base for the promotion.

Prinze states that he has a two-year plan, which is now a three-year plan, meaning he doesn’t have to make money on the project for the first three for it to work. It also seems like a number of wrestlers and musicians have reached out since he revealed his promotion plans.

It’s interesting to note that presently, Prinze has no intention of hiring anyone. However, he was grateful for those who contacted him (and he thanked them).

It’ll Take Some Time

The plan is for Prinze’s promotion to be “up and running” in about a year and a half. He notes that he’d initially like his wrestling show to be two hours.

However, he does understand that he may have issues finding a television deal at the beginning. He also has some concrete plans around what the show will look like.

As Freddie puts it, he wants storylines based on reality. He also wants the male and female superstars to have equal time.

Lastly, he notes that he wants the wrestling program to be a “SAG” show. That is, unionized so that each talent is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

This would entitle his performers to medical benefits, insurance, as well as retirement plans. Sadly, this was something he brought up to the WWE when he worked there, but HHH and Vince McMahon wouldn’t go for it.

With his experience in both the wrestling and acting worlds, Freddie does have the star power and clout to start a promotion. Here’s hoping he can get this idea off the ground.

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