NXTer Pitched To Join Omos, Sunny’s Removal From WWE Hall Of Fame

Pitched To Join Omos
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Malcolm Bivens was recently part of the slew of NXT talents released from their WWE contract. A new report reveals Creative pitched an idea for the star to join Omos as his mouthpiece, on the main roster.

NXTer Pitched To Join Omos

As per Fightful Select, Bivens was a name that WWE Creative pitched as a possible manager for Omos, some months ago. According to the report, his name was suggested before MVP’s was.


Apparently, Malcolm was presented with a new contract this past February. However, Bivens didn’t sign it. The report notes that his current deal was set to expire in early 2023.

Bivens Responds To Pitched Idea To Join Omos

Bivens talks about his WWE release during the Live At The Stand comedy event. However, he denies being offered the role as Omos’s manager on Monday Night RAW.

As he puts it, there are three sides to a story. That is, their side, your side, and the truth.

He confirms that he was offered a contract from the WWE in February, and he decided against re-signing with the company. He also addressed the offer to join Omos on the main roster and he claimed it never happened.

Having said that, he does acknowledge that he was told about moving to the main roster. He also acknowledges that he walked away from that opportunity.

Biven states that he wasn’t happy. He goes on to say that he had a conversation with the head writer at NXT Stand & Deliver, telling them that he doesn’t think “this” is for him.

As crazy as some may feel Bivens is for rejecting an offer to head to WWE’s main roster, sometimes in life, you have to do what makes you happy. Here’s hoping he finds that path very soon.

Over to some sober news, Sunny, also known in real life as Tammy Sytch, has had a history of DUIs, substance abuse, and criminal activity. Unfortunately, her most recent DUI resulted in the killing of an innocent man.

With her questionable actions, it’s only natural for many to wonder if she should remain in WWE’s Hall of Fame. Two WWE legends are now calling for her to be removed.

Sunny’s Removal From WWE Hall Of Fame

Bill DeMont, ex-WWE trainer and WCW star, thinks Sunny need should be booted out of the Hall of Fame. So much so that he recently made a number of posts on social media accounts, calling for this.

Pitched To Join Omos

Source: @WrestlingNews.co, Twitter, Screenshot

Sytch’s most recent DUI crash caused a three-car collision, and sadly, a man lost his life due to this accident. Tammy’s had multiple crashes in the past, driving under the influence.

DeMott notes in his most post that Sytch is a repeat offender, and organizations need to hold people accountable for this type of reckless behavior. As such, he believes the WWE should take action.

The Reason For Bill DeMott’s Passionate Disdain For DUIs

In 2015, DeMott and his wife created the Keri Anne DeMott Foundation in 2015, after they lost their daughter, Keri. She passed away due to a car crash that took place in Orlando, Florida, where the driver behind the wheel was drunk.

With that said, DeMott’s heart is clearly heavy for the family and friends of the man that was lost, due to Sytch’s carelessness. But, Bill isn’t the only one who feels that Tammy needs to be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame.

AEW commentator and WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry agreed with Bill’s sentiment on social media. You can see the tweets, below.

Sytch was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011. She’s set to be arraigned on May 31st for charges related to this crime, in the Volusia County (FL) Court.

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