Kenny Omega Has Major Surgery, Why Malcolm Bivens Was Released

Kenny Omega Major Surgery
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For over five months, Kenny Omega has been off AEW TV and that will continue as he underwent major surgery. Also, WWE had plans to bring Malcolm Bivens to the main roster before his release.

Kenny Omega Has Major Surgery

There are a handful of wrestlers who claim to be the best and fans actually agree. One of those wrestlers is none other than Kenny Omega.

Before AEW, Omega started on the Indy scene like many. There was something special and eventually his talent was needed in Japan.

He spent a good amount of time overseas, becoming one of the top wrestles in the world. Unlike other amazing wrestlers such as Kurt Angle, Bryan Danielson and Bret Hart, Omega never joined WWE.

The opportunity was present and WWE apparently offered Omega and his close friends huge contracts. Instead, they decided to be part of a new promotion know called AEW.

Omega continued to have great matches in AEW. Teaming with Adam Page and losing to The Young Bucks is considered by some the greatest tag team match ever.

Then, everything came full circle as Omega won the AEW World Championship after turning heel. In a great storyline moment, Omega dropped the belt Page.

Since then, Omega only appeared once and that was during a backstage. He confirmed a multitude of injuries and left The Elite to run things while he was away.

Kenny Omega And His Major Surgery Are The Latest Step In The Road To Recovery  

Omega has a bunch of injuries that he put off surgery for too long. In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted Omega recently underwent major hernia surgery.

That surgery alone will put someone out of action for two months. Therefore, there is no word if Omega will be ready to go June 26.

That is when NJPW and AEW will hold a joint pay per view titled, Forbidden Door. The event comes from the United Center in Chicago.

Even if Omega misses the historic event, there is plenty of work to handle in AEW. Since his departure, The Elite have been struggling for power. 

Adam Cole is trying to place peacemaker between reDRagon and The Young Bucks. Upon his return, look for Omega to side with The Young Bucks opposite Cole and reDRagon.

Why Malcolm Bivens Was Released

Kenny Omega Major Surgery

Source: @ProWFinesse,Twitter, Screenshot

During the latest round of roster cuts, 10 NXT wrestlers were let go. One those names included Malcolm Bivens.

Apparently, WWE was looking to bring him to the main roster according to Fightful Select. They were debating between Bivens, MVP and LA Knight to be the manager of Omos.

In the end, Bivens was released and LA Knight looks to be starting a stable with Mace as member one. So, MVP was left to partner with Omos.

There is no telling on why WWE passed on Bivens for the role. Although, he made it clear in February that he did not want to re-sign his contract.

Basically, Bivens’ future was decided when he passed on the big break. His final NXT storyline saw tension continue to grow from his stable, The Diamond Mine.