Jim Ross Signs AEW Contract Extension, Clash At The Castle Tickets

Jim Ross Contract Extension
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Jim Ross will be sticking around AEW as he signed a contract extension. Also, Clash At The Castle will make history due to ticket prices.

Jim Ross Signs AEW Contract Extension

When it comes to longevity in pro wrestling, there are not many names that come to mind. Although, there is the legendary Jim Ross.

At 70 years old, Ross is still heavily involved in wrestling. You can catch him each week calling the action on AEW Dynamite.

Most of Ross’ career has been with WWE, but that ended in 2019. Then, AEW was created and Ross was a no brainer for the broadcast table.

On the Grilling JR Podcast, Ross noted how his deal with AEW was set to expire shortly. It will not matter as the 70 year old just signed an extension. 

“I signed an extension with AEW not too long ago,” said Ross. “I appreciate Tony Khan’s confidence and his willingness to keep me on the team and contribute.” 

“We’re not going to go for a long time, but I think I signed for about a year and a half, something like that to stay in the position I’m in. I’m really pleased at 70 I still have a future and at 70 I’m still loving what I do.” 

By singing that extension, Ross will mark 50 years in the business with AEW. For some, they think Ross is too old.

And, Ross does sound pleased with such a judgement. 

Jim Ross Unloads On Fans

“Anybody who says you’re too old, f—yourself, how’s that?,” said Ross. “Yup, go ahead, pull it out and f—yourself.” 

“You’re telling me I should stay home and die? You’re dictating that I don’t deserve to continue this career?” 

“I want to get to 2024. I really do, that’s 50 years in the wrestling business and not a lot of guys can say they were in the basic same job in a fickle crazy-a— unpredictable business like pro wrestling for 50 years.”

“Hopefully, the good lord’s looking down and cut me a break. If we get to 50, I’ll be the happiest guy in Norman Oklahoma.”

When Ross first joined AEW, he made some mistakes. He got the name of wrestlers wrong and even ended an episode of AEW by calling them WWE.

Those mistakes have since been fixed and Ross does fine at the table. He just needed time to adjust.

Clash At The Castle Tickets

Jim Ross Contract Extension

Source: @WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

For the Clash at the Castle show from England, WWE may break a massive record. That is because the tickets are far from cheap.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said how even the nosebleed seats are going for $250.

“It’s the highest ever because they scaled it,” said Meltzer. “So, the all-time record for WWE, which I believe is the first time that they were in AT&T Stadium where they legitimately drew 80,000 people.” 

“That was a $17 million gate. This one was scaled, at the current prices, for a $21 million gate with less seats available than were going to be available.”

Basically, WWE has to see if they can sell the seats at that price. They might very well be able to as they have not held a pay per view from England in decades.

Nothing for the show has been confirmed at this point. Although, look for Drew McIntyre to likely be placed towards the top of the card.

Some even speculative he might dethrone Reigns at Clash at the Castle. For that to possibly occur, we have to reach September. 

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