Is Judgement Day Done Expanding, Corey Graves Wants New Role

judgement day done expanding
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Rhea Ripley joined them on Sunday, but is Judgement Day done expanding? And, after talk of a return to the ring, Corey Graves wants a new role within WWE.

Is Judgement Day Done Expanding

Rhea Ripley joined Edge and Damien Priest on Sunday, but is Judgement Day done expanding?

According to PWInsider…no they are not.

Now, Ripley joining Judgement Day had been rumored for a few weeks. It was a semi-slow build to the move, and we got the payoff at Backlash.

She fits right in, and I have to think she will excel as a heel, especially alongside her NXT buddy Priest, and the Hall of Famer Edge.

But…the trio is set to become a quartet, according to the report.

judgement day done expanding

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

And, of course, Edge intimated as much on this week’s RAW.

Thus far, there is no concrete indication of who might be the fourth.

As the group began to emerge, there were whispers that recent NXT graduate Tommaso Ciampa was under consideration for a spot.

That may still be the case, as Ciampa is clearly working as a heel on RAW.

As it stands, things are heating up between Judgement Day and the babyfaces AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Liv Morgan.

One smart person offered up quite an interesting Hell In A Cell match:

Now, that match is a virtual lock to never happen inside the Cell…but who knows.

We can also wonder…will Judgement Day be done expanding by that June premium live event? And if so…who will they have added?

Corey Graves Wants New Role

Fans have been clamoring for his in-ring return for a while, and now it seems that Corey Graves wants a new role within WWE.

Just…not that one.

Speaking to WrestleTalk, Corey Graves indicated that he wants a new role within WWE, possibly working backstage.

While we know that Graves has in fact been cleared to return to the ring, something he has not been able to do since 2014…that may not be in the cards.

He has been a fixture of NXT and WWE announce teams pretty much ever since. But in his conversation, it seems he is ready to move on.

judgement day done expanding

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

For someone who’s in-ring career came to an abrupt halt, it’s great that Corey Graves was able to find new roles that kept him involved and front and center even.

Moving into a backstage producer role would be another step in his evolution within the business, and it could be quite fun to watch.

Of course, if and when Graves moves on, it would leave a void at the announce position. We all know that, after years of Lawler and Ross, sometimes WWE had issues keeping good announcers.

So, it would be a bummer to lose him from that role, but it would be interesting to see who WWE might bring up for that vacancy.

Personally, Wade Barrett has done well in NXT, as has Vic Joseph. And that was a desk where Graves perfected his craft, so there is a pathway.

Or, WWE could go outside the company again. Some have worked out much better (Pat McAfee) than others.