Harland – RAW Plans, Sasha Banks & Naomi Suspended & Stripped

Harland RAW Plans
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Before his release, WWE plans featured Harland in a top RAW angle. Also, Sasha Banks & Naomi have been suspended and stripped of their titles.

Harland – RAW Plans

Currently, WWE seems to be in a slump. The ratings are not terrible, but there is also nothing to brag about.

We have seen a lot of changes, including the release of talent and the return of the others. Edge returned and is now back to his heel days.

In fact, he even has his own stable called Judgement Day. Damian Priest was the first member and then Rhea Ripley followed.

Edge has promised there will be at least one more member. On social media, Edge has teased Paige, Ciampa and Liv Morgan as coming onboard. 

Also, we heard a strong rumor about another top superstar joining. If you want to know who, simply click here as we do not want to spoil the possible surprise.

Dave Meltzer, in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, noted Edge actually handpicked the fourth. Although, do not get your hopes up as it was Parker Boudreaux.

Boudreaux joined WWE last year as part of a new Performance Center class. Quickly, he was seen as a future Brock Lesnar based off his appearance.

He joined NXT under the name Harland and was paired with Joe Gacy. Fans did not see much of Harland as we released in late April before any major plans happened on TV.

Meltzer gave two reasons on why he was let go. The main reason that has been floating around is that he did improve to WWE’s liking.

Now, we are hearing a more vague answer. Meltzer stated, WWE “found something about Boudreaux” that also played into his release. So, no RAW, SmackDown or even NXT for Harland.

Sasha Banks & Naomi Suspended & Stripped

Harland RAW Plans

Source: @ProWFinesse, Twitter, Screenshot

There are no major WWE pay per views coming up, but they have been filling the airwaves since Monday. By now, we all know Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of RAW.

They left their the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships and the main event of RAW was changed. Some are calling this a work, but that is not the case.

Banks has seemingly angered everyone in the locker room. She has also been blamed for dragging Naomi with her in walking out.

Although, Naomi is an adult and can make her own decisions. 

As a result of their actions, WWE has stripped them of the titles and both are suspended.

Michael Cole made the announcement and also added how they “let us all down.” Corey Graves gave similar remarks on RAW and took some slack at the time.

The original plan was for Naomi to face Bianca Belair at the upcoming pay per view. As for Banks, she would face Ronda Rousey.

Neither were expected walk out of the pay per view as singles champions. That, mixed with a lack of attention to the tag belts, seemed to be a sticking point.

Also, WWE has removed their Facebook pages. Neither has long left on their contacts and this could be the end of both working in WWE.