Damien Priest Accused Of Cheating, Stephanie McMahon Return Update

Damien Priest Accused Cheating
Source: @ChandranTheMan, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE superstar Damien Priest is currently part of the hottest faction in recent years, Edge’s Judgement Day stable. Sadly, he was recently accused of cheating on social media.

Damien Priest Accused Of Cheating

A user on Twitter known as Chyna Claire Lopez recently posted a tweet accusing Priest of cheating on his partner with two females. She claims to be the sister of both these women.

In the tweet, Lopez posts a screenshot of a conversation between Damien and her sister. The post is shown above.

Not The Best Timing For Damien Priest To Be Accused Of Cheating

Priest’s career is on fire right now. The Judgement Day faction is one of the best parts of Monday Night RAW, currently.

In fact, buzz and speculation continue to stir around the next superstar who will join the stable. Here’s hoping Damien can sort out his personal issues so it doesn’t affect his professional goals.

Meanwhile, Stephanie McMahon shocked the wrestling world when she tweeted about taking some time away from her role within the WWE. Most didn’t see it coming, but many are wondering when to expect her back.

Stephanie McMahon Update

According to PW Insider’s Mike Johnson, Stephanie is taking a break. The plans are for Nick Khan to bring a candidate in to oversee brand marketing.

Damien Priest Accused Cheating

Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

In fact, Khan will be taking over many of Stephanie’s duties, as well as her team. With that said, it appears that Ms. McMahon won’t be returning to the WWE anytime soon.

Therefore, it makes sense that the company would need someone full-time to come in and handle brand marketing. As Stephanie was a high-level executive, the company will certainly want to ensure that all her duties are being taken care of.

Still, with a full-time brand marketing expert and Khan overseeing her work, it’s hard not to speculate that McMahon will be off for a long time. If it was only for a few weeks, there would likely be no need to bring in someone outside the WWE.

More On Stephanie McMahon’s Hiatus

It’s interesting to note that while Stephanie did announce her hiatus on Twitter, the WWE has yet to make an official announcement about her “break”. In fact, nothing has been said about the length of time she’ll be off.

She did indicate in the tweet that she’s doing this for family reasons. Thus, the WWE will likely support her decision to take as much time as she needs.

Stephanie has worked both in front of the camera and behind the scenes of the WWE for many years. She first modeled for the then-WWF sales and marketing department as a young girl.

She also did creative design, TV production, and reception work. However, her first “official” office role within the company was as an Account Executive.

In 2000, Stephanie became the Head Writer of the WWE and was promoted to Director of Creative Writing in 2002, then Senior VP of Creative writing in 2006. A year later, she’d move on to Executive President of Creative Writing.

It wasn’t until the end of 2013 that Stephanie was promoted as WWE’s Chief Brand Officer. She’s been in that role ever since.