Could The Mysterios Split Up, More Trouble For Alberto Del Rio

could mysterios split up
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The duo have been off television lately, so…could the Mysterios find themselves split up by WWE? And, in what is surely a shocker…there is more trouble for former Superstar Alberto Del Rio.

Could The Mysterios Split Up

We have not seen them on RAW in a bit, but when they do return, could the Mysterios be split up by WWE?

It’s something that’s probably been debated a time or two.

Dominik, of course, sailed onto the main roster during the pandemic, and acquitted himself nicely. His matches with Seth Rollins were impressive.

Since his debut, he’s been pretty much stuck to his dad, future Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio.

At times, it seemed the pair were destined for a father-versus-son clash, but they insist they don’t or won’t go there.

could mysterios split up

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

They’ve had a pretty good run, including a stint as the first father and son to win WWE tag titles.

Now, Rey is out recovering from injuries, and son Dom was written off television after Veer finally showed up on RAW and squashed him.

And according to the  Wrestling Observer, the Mysterios could be split up whenever they do return.

It is not completely surprising, but if it does happen I am sure it might take a little getting used to.

But, Rey is no doubt winding down his illustrious career. Son Dominik is just getting started.

One way or the other, the Mysterios will be split up at some point.

Of course, one could now wonder, does this indicate that we might see that happen during the approaching 2022 WWE Draft?

There has been no official announcement for this year’s installment, but it seems likely to happen sometime shortly after SummerSlam.

Splitting the duo up during the draft might make for an easy move to explain…and if it flops, an easy one to undo.

More Trouble For Alberto Del Rio

In news that is almost as shocking as Tammy Sytch’s latest issues...there is more trouble for former Superstar Alberto Del Rio.

Though, considering his past, this might really just be a minor kerfuffle.

Yes, I am happy I found a way to use that word in a sentence!

Now, back to the news.

According to the report, Del Rio was set to work a show for Mexican promotion KAOZ on May 7.

could mysterios split up

source: @prideofmexico, twitter, screenshot

He was supposedly told to be on site at a certain time. When he did not show, the promoter told security to keep him out.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting…and feels a bit like a work.

Del Rio did show up, allegedly late, and got into a heated moment with the promoter. And yet…he still performed on the show.

So…is this real life…or just part of the show.

According to Del Rio’s brother, Alberto was not told to report at 3pm, contrary to the promoter’s statement.

And, of course, his brother said that the promotor did this, and caused a scene, because cameras were present.

So…maybe it’s trouble for Del Rio, which would just be the latest chapter for him. Or, perhaps it really is just a promoter who couldn’t help but exploit something for coverage.

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