WWE Interested In AEW Team, Is Steve Austin Not Done In WWE

wwe interested aew team
source:@wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

While the company has seen a lot of talent go in recent years, WWE is apparently interested in bringing back one current AEW tag team. And, is Steve Austin actually not done in WWE?

WWE Interested In AEW Team

After seeing so many releases, it’s almost unusual to hear WWE is interested in signing an AEW tag team.

And, if the rumors are true, it’s not just any AEW tag team…but one that WWE used to employ.

The Revival left WWE in 2019, and what an exit it was. One of the more talented tag teams WWE had, the pair were criminally misused prior to their exit.

Who can forget the idiotic segment in the shower, with back hair shaving?

So, with such poor creative direction, it wasn’t truly a shock that the duo passed on lucrative, nearly 7 figure per year deals.

Since then, they’ve showed up in AEW, rebranded as FTR, and they’ve enjoyed a solid couple years.

wwe interested aew team

source:@wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

But, as has been happening to AEW talent recently…their contracts are coming up for renewal.

And, per Fightful, WWE is interested in bringing back the tag team.

While it was reported that, prior to their exit, WWE offered each of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler contracts at $850,000 per year…it seems likely that any new offer would be substantially improved.

So, could FTR have a WWE reunion in the cards? Anything is possible.

The pair are close with Edge, for one. The Rated R Superstar even alluded to both during his program with Seth Rollins last year.

And, it’s hard to deny that a program against The Usos could be, pardon the pun, dynamite.

With Cody Rhodes already coming back to WWE in 2022…could FTR also follow suit?

Is Steve Austin Not Done In WWE

Speaking of coming back to the company…is Steve Austin not done in WWE?

The question sounds a bit crazy to ask, but 2022 has been a crazy year.

A year ago, most of us likely assumed that Austin was 1000% done in the ring, given his injuries.

Then Stone Cold agreed to face Kevin Owens, at WrestleMania, but “just for his talk show”. That, of course, turned into a fight, referred to as Austin’s farewell match.

So, he’s officially done with WWE…right?

Not so fast, it seems.

wwe interested aew team

source:@wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

Nothing is official…and nothing is even planned (so far as we know).

However, it is undeniable how well things went in Dallas. Even discounting some of the pop due to it being Austin’s home crowd…it was big.

And Vince McMahon loves, craves and needs those pops at WrestleMania.

While we don’t know if McMahon wants Austin again (it seems likely he would)…we all figured Austin closed the books.

Well…now Steve Austin might not be done in WWE.

Speaking on a recent podcast, following WrestleMania…Austin left the door open.

Asked if he would work again, he put it simply: if Vince McMahon booked him, he’d be at WrestleMania 39.

So…could we see another Hollywood role for Stone Cold Steve Austin? At this point, it would not be all that stunning, would it?