WWE/IMPACT Tag Champs Taking A Break From Wrestling


Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay, known as The IInspiration in Impact and The IIconics, have announced they are “indefinitely stepping away from in-ring action.”  

The two released a joint statement announcing they’re stepping away from IMPACT and wrestling. 

What’s Next For The IInspiration?

While the two have made no official announcement on their next steps, if they are stepping away from wrestling, they can pursue a few options. 

Both McKay and Lee have earned enormous followings from their time in WWE and IMPACT. The two both have fan sites on the BrandArmy platform, where they charge fans $9.99 for photoshoots and behind-the-scenes details of their lives. Both wrestlers earn over $30,000 a month on their fan sites. So clearly, they don’t need to wrestle for the money.

Both women have expressed interest in expanding into acting, so perhaps they are taking time off to pursue other projects.

And then, of course, there is reason to think they are going to AEW or back to WWE. WWE has failed to build a coherent women’s tag division while AEW struggles to even put their women’s television on their top television show. So neither option is excellent. 

Regardless, both are immensely talented and should do well in whatever they pursue. Good luck, ladies!

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Fellow Wrestlers Pay Tribute.

Both stars are beloved in the wrestling community. Several IMPACT stars and the indie scene tweeted well-wishes to the Australian duo.

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