WrestleMania 38 Night One Is in the books, and boy, oh boy, was it something. There was a lot to take in at night, one of the Grandest Stage Of Them All.

So, let’s break down some great moments and a few not so great. 


I did not pay a bit of mind to the feud between Drew McIntyre and, Madcap Moss & Happy Corbin. But The Scottish Psychopath got the crowd into the match, no thanks in part to his mighty claymore, Angela. After defeating Corbin, McIntyre showed off his swordsmen ship by cutting the ring ropes in half. 

NOT Great: Boogs’ Leg Snapping Off

Rick Boogs looked to have a great debut teaming with Shinsuke Nakamura vs. the Usos. The first few moments showed promise, with Boogs showing off his strength. But it was during another feat of power with both of the Usos on his back that Rick Boogs appeared to injure his leg severely.

It looks like it wasn’t a storyline.

Great Moment: Bianca Goes Beyonce

Bianca Belair brought the Texas State University marching band out with her for her entrance, mirroring Beyonce’s Homecoming performance. 

Great Moment: Logan Paul Almost Starts A Riot

Logan Paul has wrestling skills, and The Miz is the King of the WrestleMania Celebrity Match.

Paul did all of Eddie’s moves, and the crowd went ballistic. It was the most dastardly behavior I’ve ever seen. 

Not Great: What the Heck Was that Seth Rollins Entrance Choir Was. 

Was it supposed to be bad? I have no clue, but it was…weird. 

Great Moment: Cody Rhodes Finally Returns

I don’t care if it was spoiled as hell. Cody Rhodes returning to WWE was an incredible moment that made me pop out of my seat.

Not Great: Charlotte vs. Ronda

The entire match felt flat and too long by about 10 minutes. Both women are great talents, but they can’t click, which is a common problem with Charlotte, in my opinion.


The KO show main evented Night One, starting with Kevin Owens cutting a promo on Stone Cold and the entire State of Texas.

And then the GLASS SHATTERED!! Stone Cold is out! and he’s wearing knee braces and jorts (like I predicted).

After greeting the crowd, Stone Cold Retreated before returning with his ATV.

KO revealed his true intentions, “tricking” Stone Cold into a No Holds Barred match. Stone Cold sat quietly for a few moments. But then…

RING THE BELL! Stone Cold stomped a mudhole in KO and drank a few beers. What is this? 

Also, if you went beer for beer with Stone Cold during the match, you would have gotten very drunk.


A very very fun night. I’m ready for Night Two!

Honorable Mentions: Cool Gear And Moments

The Final(?) Undertaker Entrance 

One last time the bell tolled, and we got to see the man that was the Undertaker, Mark Calloway. But Taker ended his speech Friday night with the cryptic “Never Say Never,” so maybe this isn’t the end? 

Becky Lynch is going 5th Element.

Dominic with a fantastic tribute to his father dad’s best friend, Eddie Guerrero. 

What did you think of WrestleMania Night 1? Let us know in the comment section below.