Why Cody Rhodes Could Be WWE’s Most Important Signing In Years

cody rhodes important signing
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It was wrestling’s worst kept secret for close to two months, but now we have an important question. Specifically, why Cody Rhodes Could be WWE’s most important signing in years.

Almost since the moment it was announced he was a free agent, many expected him to jump…but here’s why Cody Rhodes could be WWE’s most important signing in years.

Rhodes is a big fish. Whatever you think of him from his prior WWE run, or his time in AEW…he’s a big deal.

The Rhodes name matters, and Cody has only helped further that in recent years.

Yes, it seemed like as soon as his free agency was made official, Rhodes back to WWE was a foregone conclusion.
Still, in the time between officially being done with AEW, and showing up in Dallas for WrestleMania Night One…there were mixed signals.

None of those, of course, came from Rhodes. To his credit, he was completely silent until things were officially official.

So, now that the surprise is over with and Rhodes spoke on the RAW after WrestleMania-in addition to so many other media hits-we get back to the point of all this.

Rhodes coming back to WWE is a big deal.

More specfically…

cody rhodes important signing

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Cody Rhodes could Be WWE’s most important signing in years.

Like, if Rhodes had never previously worked in WWE, it would have been a big deal.

That Cody Rhodes left, reinvented himself, changed wrestling and then came back? Big.

Even bigger was that he said, on RAW, that coming back to WWE was an easy decision.

But why is his signing important? Why is he the most important signing by WWE since, perhaps AJ Styles, if not even further back than that?

Because Cody Rhodes is the first big outside addition (or return, since so many non-WWE stars are former WWE Superstars) to the company in a long time.

He’s the first big signing, following so many cut…and cuts…and more cuts.

Oh, and he’s also one of the founders of AEW, as well as a former executive.


A lot of eyes are on him, and for good reason. But, a lot of eyes will be on WWE too.

Sure, they brought Cody Rhodes home. Since he himself said it was an easy decision…having him sign what he termed a complex deal?
That’s the easy part.

Maybe what Cody said on RAW was crafted as part of his return storyline. Perhaps it’s a heavy dose of legitimate reality.

Rhodes wants the world championship that has long eluded him and his father. That can be both good story and honest truth.

But again…that’s the easy part.

There are plenty of names who left WWE and went to AEW. Some were cut, others allowed their contracts to expire and they left on their own.

The AEW roster is getting loaded. Perhaps too loaded.

There are names who WWE will certainly be interested in. MJF is a big one that comes to mind.

There are going to be other AEW talents who have contracts expiring. Between a more crowded locker room than ever, and a VP leaving…things change.

If WWE does right by and with Cody Rhodes, he could prove to be a major domino.

Will Rhodes in WWE make or break the company’s pursuit of MJF? Would someone else with a contract due to be up in the coming months now consider WWE?

cody rhodes important signing

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Could his signing change some perceptions? Maybe it goes a way to dispel negative feedback from ex-Superstars?

3 months ago, Cody Rhodes was in AEW, and none of this seemed possible. Most of the initial signees in AEW, who have contacts coming due for renewal this year or soon after?

They might have been slam dunks to re-sign. After all, so many former Superstars have said things are disorganized, morale is low, and so on.

But what if it’s different with Rhodes? Maybe it’s different because of Rhodes.

But if WWE books him right and treats him well…and he shares that openly with his former AEW peers?

Maybe Tony Khan does not re-sign them all. It’s been said that, until AEW’s new TV deal comes to be, he might not have had the means to do that anyways.

But now? Maybe…just maybe…talent might realize that they could or should consider WWE once again.

Or, things are the same as ever, and whatever Cody experiences makes the wrestlers stay in AEW.

Even if Rhodes coming back changes a small handful of decisions, that is still a big deal.
Like any other major sports team during a free agent period…signing one major star is a big deal.

But signing the right big star? That can have a ripple effect that brings in additional benefits.

cody rhodes important signing

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Cody Rhodes is a big signing. He may just be the beginning, if WWE handles him correctly.

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