Tony Khan Makes Bizarre Claim That Opposition To AEW Are “Bots”

Tony Khan

Tony Khan claims to have an “independent study” that proves that AEW’s detractors aren’t real. He claims that much of the “anti-AEW community” is a staff running an “army of bots.”

Here’s the tweet.

Twitter Reacts To Tony Khan’s Tweet

I must note that Khan has offered zero evidence of this “army of bots,” nor has he produced this independent study. Now it does seem like many people aren’t taking this too seriously and maybe are using the bizarre tweet to poke fun at the billionaire’s son.

Reminds of another billionaire who constantly railed on Twitter…

It also erases those of us who have genuine issues with AEW

Tony is only used to glowing press and doesn’t like criticism.

Where is my money, Vince?

What’s Tony Khan’s Deal?

Does Tony Khan need to put the phone down and stop tweeting? Shouldn’t he focus more on the fact that his strategy of constant debuts has done nothing to grow AEW’s ratings? Why not produce a compelling weekly TV show that attracts more than wrestling diehards? 

Tony Khan seems to me to be a very insecure person. I know because I am also clinically insecure, and I recognize the signs.

  • Assuming any criticism comes from a place of hatred 
  • That any complaint is only because you want me to fail
  • Constantly broadcasting every little success 

If I were Tony, I would put the phone down and figure out how I could stop wasting my dad’s money on three terrible sports franchises. 

Many people will dismiss this as a joke or a gimmick, but I think Tony is serious. He genuinely believes that everyone who dislikes AEW must be a paid shill. 

I feel bad for this guy. I hope he can get some clarity. He has a product that many people love and view as a viable alternative to WWE. Focus on the positive dude, not your insecurity of never being able to be Vince McMahon

Focus on the positive and stop trying to get your “haters” kicked off the Internet.

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