Theory Like Legendary Superstar, RK-Bro Has Exceeded Expectations

theory like legendary superstar
Credit: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Vince McMahon sees great things in him…but is Theory really like one legendary Superstar? Plus, believe it or not, RK-Bro has exceeded all expectations.

Theory Like Legendary Superstar

It seems crazy to ask this…but is Theory like one legendary Superstar?

Fans-and promoters-fall into this trap all too often. Is this current Superstar like this former Superstar…and sometimes the hype is too much.

Other times, the hype is met, or even exceeded.

But, you could argue that most of those comparisons are often either unfair or unwarranted.

In this case, we have another…as Vince McMahon feels his protege, Theory, is like one legendary Superstar.

theory like legendary superstar

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Specifically, McMahon sees a lot of John Cena in the current United States Champion.

It’s been clear for months that the boss has big plans for young Theory.

After all, after rarely seeing McMahon on WWE television…he is now a regular fixture, specifically working segments with Theory.

Here’s a bit more on the subject, courtesy of WrestleVotes:

It will be interesting to see what happens next for Theory.

Given all the talk, and all the attention and hopes as well…I fully expect the young Superstar to be in the mix for the Money In The Bank briefcase in short order.

And, considering the comparisons…it wouldn’t shock me if we saw WWE work toward a Cena-Theory match at a major PPV soon, depending on Cena’s schedule.

RK-Bro Has Exceeded Expectations

On the other side of the coin, it’s safe to say RK-Bro has exceeded expectations.

Which I admit is funny to say, when you keep in mind that they are the current RAW Tag Team Champions.

But, perspective is important, and here is why they’ve exceeded expectations.

Via a report from the Wrestling Observer, the team started out with low expectations.

WWE Creative only intended to keep them together for three weeks, to be specific.

And here we are, a lot longer than that…and still going.

theory like legendary superstar

source: @wrestlinghumble, twitter, screenshot

Orton himself has said-in the ring, so it could be somewhat scripted-that tagging with Riddle is the most fun he’s had.

Fans love the duo, however, so it is not a shock that WWE kept them together.

Well, outside of the fact that WWE usually breaks up things when fans start enjoying them…

Still, it was just a few months back when things were looking like an Orton-Riddle split would happen, and that we’d get a one on one feud for WrestleMania.

Instead, the pair went to Dallas to defend-and retain-the RAW tag titles.

As we all know, every good tag team does have a shelf life, but what that is for RK-Bro remains to be seen.

Both Superstars have been accomplished singles performers too, so it would never surprise me to see WWE split them up when they need to.

For now…we enjoy RK-Bro!

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