Tammy Sytch Involved In Fatal Car Crash, WWE Released Nash Carter

Tammy Sytch Car Crash
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WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Lynn Sytch has had her fair share of issues with the law over the years. However, a recent incident involving a fatal car crash may see her experience some new trouble. More on this story, below.

Tammy Sytch Involved In Fatal Car Crash

As per the Ormond Beach Observer, Tammy, also known to wrestling fans as “Sunny” was the reason behind an accident that involved three cars and left one person dead on US 1. Stitch failed to stop, crashing into a vehicle in front of her that was stopped.

This caused the vehicle in front that Sytch hit, to crash into another car that was in front of them. It was said that Tammy was driving at around 8:28 p.m. on March 25th via the US Q, north of Granada Boulevard.

According to the report, the police say that an investigation may result in criminal charges laid on Sunny. As Sytch did not stop when she should of, she not only caused a major collision, but someone lost their life.

More On Tammy Sytch Fatal Car Crash

The driver of the car hit by Sunny was identified as Julian Lafrancis. He was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center and pronounced dead.

Sytch, who is currently 49 years old, was also taken to Halifax Health. She was released later on and there’s no indication of injury on her part.

A search warrant has been issued for Tammy’s blood and urine to see if she was intoxicated at the time. These results are being investigated, currently.

It’s unfortunate as Sunny has a long history of driving under the influence, car crashes, and disorderly conduct. On behalf of WNZ, our thoughts go out to the family and loved ones close to Julian Lafrancis during this hard time.

Over to NXT news, while Nash Carter hit a major milestone this past weekend by scoring the tag titles at Stand & Deliver, he hit a very low point this week. See below.

WWE Released Nash Carter

According to Sean Ross Sapp, Fightful Select, Nash Carter has been fired from the WWE. This comes in light of his wife’s allegations of abuse.

Tammy Sytch Car Crash

Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

Kimber Lee, who is also a wrestler working for Impact, revealed a photo of her injured face on social media, stating that Carter was behind it. She also posted Nash with a Hitler-like mustache doing a Nazi salute.

In an interesting turn of events, the wife of Carter’s NXT partner, Wes Lee, came forward on Twitter to call out Kimber’s accusations, noting they are lies. Sadly, that changed nothing, and Nash is gone from NXT and the WWE.

#JusticeForNashCarter Trending On Twitter

Queen.E.Marie (Wes Lee’s wife) on Twitter has been quite vocal on Twitter since these allegations came to light. She’s defended Nash and claims Kimber Lee is framing her husband.

She also notes that Nash is being wrongfully punished. She’s been a major advocate for Carter and even helped start the #JusticeForNashCarter, which was trending on Twitter, recently.

According to Marie, Nash recently served Kimber Lee with divorce papers recently. Her reasoning behind Lee’s allegations is bitterness over a breakup.

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