Report: The Real Reason WWE Fired An NXT Champion

Nash Carter

News broke yesterday that WWE had fired NXT tag team champion Nash Carter. While WWE gave no official reason, the belief was that Carter was fired after his wife, indie wrestler Kimber Lee, posted pictures of a purported swollen lip with the caption that Carter had hit her while drunk.

Warning, disturbing images below.

Numerous people have refuted the allegations of domestic abuse. Chief among them is the wife of fellow tag champion Wes Lee. In a series of tweets, an account reportedly run by Erica Marie claimed that Nash Carter was living with her and her husband had sought to escape his abuse from Kimber Lee.

Nash Carter’s Firing

While all of this is uncorroborated, it is essential to note that according to one report, many people within WWE were on Nash Carter’s side during the allegations. Marie also claims that this meltdown started because Carter served Kimber Lee with divorce papers, and she wasn’t OK with that. But this whole situation does not seem to be why Carter was let go.

According to Dave Meltzer** the reported reason for the firing was a picture Kimber Lee shared of her husband seemingly holding up a nazi salute while sporting a Hitler-esque mustache.

We do not take domestic violence allegations lightly. If Carter did indeed strike his wife, he should have the book thrown at him. However, we live in a country where you should be viewed as innocent until proven guilty. Often though, the court of public opinion doesn’t work that way.

Meltzer also noted that allegations are thrown at wrestlers, and WWE is often hesitant to fire someone over unsubstantiated rumors. While workers such as Riddle and Austin Theory have escaped punishment over allegations, Enzo Amore was instantly fired for allegations of sexual misconduct. Velveteen Dream was eventually let go, with his sexual impropriety allegedly playing a role

Even if Carter is eventually found innocent of the domestic abuse charges, throwing a nazi salute is probably grounds enough to ensure that he never works for WWE again. 

We will keep you updated on this story as it develops. Consume wrestling news carefully and with a “trust but verify” attitude. A business built on lies sometimes can’t help but constantly deal in them. 

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**Take it with a grain of salt, he’s wrestling’s best example of a journalist, but he gets things wrong occasionally.

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