Randy Orton Emotional Over Triple H, Kurt Angle Undergoing Surgery

Randy Orton Triple H
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Randy Orton defeated Triple H in what would be his final WWE TV match and he is struggling to grasp everything. Also, Kurt Angle is once again going under the knife.

Randy Orton Emotional Over Triple H

Triple H will be remembered for many accomplishments. He has competed in almost every gimmick match and there are few titles he has not held multiple times.

Besides scoring wins and working backstage for WWE, he gave more to the business. Her worked alongside so much talent, helping pave the way for the future.

For a time, he was part of a stable known as Evolution. Triple H was the present, Ric Flair the past and Randy Orton & Batista represented the future.

While they did not have the longevity of DX or the Four Horsemen, they left a mark. Now, Orton is the last remaining member that is has not retired.

To make Triple H’s sudden retirement even more sweet, his finally official match took place opposite Orton. At the time, nobody knew that would be the end for Triple H.

He suffered a serious cardiac event last year and that changed everything. “The Game” is officially retired and shows no signs of coming back for one more match.

Long History Between Randy Orton And Triple H

For Orton, being Triple H’s last opponent and not knowing is tough to swallow. Remember, Triple H brought Orton into WWE and helped make him one of the greatest ever.

After Triple H thanked the WrestleMania 38 crowd on night two, Orton retold on Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin a conversation he had with Triple H.

“I got to see Triple H last and I hugged that grown man as hard as I could,” said Orton. “And, I got emotional just because of this announcement last week. 

“We had just a few words between one another, but you don’t have forever. This is a really special close-knit group of guys and girls and this is where it’s at.” 

“To us, this is everything and you never know when it’s going to be taken away from you.”

Evolution was special and it served its purpose all these years later. The present, Triple H, loses to the future, Randy Orton, to complete evolution.

Kurt Angle Undergoing Surgery

Randy Orton Triple H

Source: @OfficielCAQ, Twitter, Screenshot

Some wrestlers can go most of their careers without surgery. Mickies James lasted for decades until she hit some bad luck.

Meanwhile, there are others who frequently go under the knife. Undertaker comes to mind and so does another WWE Hall of Famer in Kurt Angle.

Many of Angle’s problems began long before he signed with WWE. His college wrestling days and Olympic runs resulted in the first of several broken necks.

Once in WWE, Angle would deal with injures on a regular basis. Frequently, they involved issues with his neck.

Angle would put off surgery many times. Then, his led to a bad pill addiction that he has thankfully recovered from.

While speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Kurt Angle said next month he will getting more surgery on his knees. This time, he is having both replaced.

“I’m having my knees replaced next month,” said Angle. “Both of them at the same time.” 

“I’m getting it over with. I’ll be on a wheelchair or a walker.”

Angle last worked regularly on TV in 2020. During the first of many COVID budget cuts, Angle was let go. 

He was offered some other roles, like to manage Matt Riddle, but he passed. He still makes random appearances on WWE TV.