Did WWE Change Wellness Policy, AEW Star Contract Expiring

wwe change wellness policy
source: @SASportWWE, twitter, screenshot

In a bit of interesting news, we are wondering: did WWE change it’s Wellness Policy? And, one AEW star’s contract is expiring.

Did WWE Change Wellness Policy

We used to hear about Superstars getting suspended quite a bit more frequently. Now, it seems we need to ask: did WWE change it’s Wellness Policy?

Specifically, did the company change it’s Wellness Policy as it pertains to marijuana use?

For a company that employs Riddle, and has previously trotted out others who made reference to the recreational drug (RVD, The Godfather)…it would be a big change.

wwe change wellness policy

source: @SASportWWE, twitter, screenshot

According to the policy, as published, a Superstar can be fined for a positive marijuana test, starting at $2500.

While it is still listed on the corporate site, according to Fightful, Superstars are no longer being fined for any violations.

The report went on to point out that how marijuana use is viewed in WWE has changed significantly.

That dovetails with how it’s usage is viewed around the country. In recent years, many states have legalized it’s use.

Interesting to note that Superstars as far back as Bret Hart had been pushing for allowing it’s use. Hart reportedly noted that it offered similar benefits without the addictive risks of painkillers.

And, as fans of Hart’s era know…painkillers were a big issue for too many wrestlers.

It is good to see things change, and it does make one wonder: if things had been more relaxed back in the 1980’s and 90’s…would some talents still be with us?

One final footnote to the Wellness Policy change? Apparently none other than Randy Orton was a big proponent for the change.

Orton’s tag partner, of course, is Riddle. He was also outspoken (shocker, I know) about marijuana use even during his time in NXT.

AEW Star Contract Expiring

And in other news, one more AEW star has his contract expiring, and he will become a free agent.

Jack Evans will become a free agent as his contract is expiring at the end of the month.

The current AEW star tweeted the news himself:

To his credit, he handled the decision quite well. Evans even praised AEW for honoring the entire length of his contract, rather than pulling a Nick Kahn.

wwe change wellness policy

source: @wonf4w, twitter, screenshot

He noted, when asked by fans, that he currently has no plans as for what is next.

However, he also clearly did not burn any bridges as he prepares for his time in AEW to end.

Given his ability, it is certain that any promotion would likely give him a long look.

He is talented and has worked extensively with AAA prior to landing in AEW. A move back to AAA would not be a shock, considering that Evans now calls Mexico home.

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