Details From Jimmy Uso’s DUI Arrest, Triple H Shot Down Angle

jimmy usos dui arrest
Credit: @trulytg, twitter, screenshot

While it happened last year, new details have emerged from Jimmy Uso’s DUI arrest that might raise eyebrows. And, prior to their retirements, Triple H shot down an angle involving The Undertaker’s “son”.

Details From Jimmy Uso’s DUI Arrest

One half of the SmackDown tag champs got in trouble last year, and now new details from Jimmy Uso’s DUI arrest have come to light.

TMZ Sports shared video of the arrest from 2021. It isn’t the best look, depending on how you choose to view it.

At the time, there was an expectation that Jimmy’s latest DUI could be detrimental to his WWE status. When it wasn’t…it made things interesting.

Jimmy Uso, along with Jey, are in the midst of an historic SmackDown Tag Team title reign. One that did not skip a beat when Jimmy was arrested.

Now, this new video shows Uso using foul language toward one of the arresting officers.

jimmy usos dui arrest

source: @trulytg, twitter, screenshot

It is not clear if that part of the encounter was known to WWE back last year or not. And, if not, it is not known if the video emerging would have any impact on Uso’s status within WWE.

The officer wishes Uso luck, apparently with his then-pending field sobriety test, which set Jimmy off.

Based on what’s presented, it would seem that Jimmy Uso took it as a sarcastic remark, a bit of a wisecrack. 

When given a chance to clarify, the officer said he meant it as a good comment. Perhaps the officer was a fan of WWE, and meant something else, but unless the officer speaks, we likely won’t know.

He could have been aware of Uso’s run-ins, and assumed Jimmy was indeed off the wagon and was wishing him luck in beating his demons? It’s a guess, and that’s all it may ever be.

However, hindsight being 20/20, it’s likely a comment the officer should not have made. 

Triple H Shot Down Angle

As is happening more and more with podcasts, some interesting stories come out. In one recent episode, we learn of a time when Triple H shot down an angle…and it was a good call.

Freddie Prinze Jr hosts a podcast and shares some of his wrestling stories.

On a recent show, he shared a doozy.

Apparently, someone cooked up an idea, as WWE was building a program featuring Edge and The Undertaker, to have Undertaker defeat someone who would claim to be ‘Taker’s own son.

Problem was, the guy that got picked? Did not look the part.

jimmy usos dui arrest

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

As the story goes, things were done for a few weeks, when finally Triple H shot down the angle. The retired Superstar quipped that the jobber looked more like a guy who would cut his grass.

Considering that The Undertaker is nearly 7 feet tall and has a distinct look…it would not be easy to cast a young but similar looking talent. 

Once Triple H said his piece, the angle was dropped.

It is probably a good thing, but it’s such an odd story when you think about it.

On one hand, if the guy was just going to job to Undertaker…why bother giving him a back story at all? Just let him be a jobber.

However, we also now can see with our own eyes that one generation of Superstar might be a lot taller-or shorter-than another (like, say, with Rey and Dom Mysterio).

In a business filled with crazy stories…Freddie Prinze Jr. just gave us another.

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