Bray Wyatt Asking Price High, WWE Events Doing Well Overseas

bray wyatt asking price
source: @justtalkwrestle, twitter, screenshot

Since his release, fans have been waiting to see him show up somewhere, but he has not…and it turns out Bray Wyatt’s asking price might be quite high. And, following WrestleMania and one certain debut, WWE events are reportedly doing quite well overseas.

Bray Wyatt Asking Price High

He has not been seen since his WWE release, and there could be several reasons for it. One being, Bray Wyatt’s asking price might be quite high.

Understandably, there has been a lot of chatter about Bray Wyatt and where he might go next.

Since WWE stunningly released him in 2021, he has done…nothing inside a wrestling ring.

Fans frequently expect or hope that he will show up in AEW, but thus far he has not.

Outside of a WrestleMania weekend convention appearance, Wyatt has remained away from the squared circle and all that goes with it.

His most notable activity since his WWE release is a movie project, which is said to be going well, but remains a work in progress.

According to Wyatt’s father, both Bray and brother Bo Dallas are not done with wrestling-despite neither wrestling since leaving WWE.

bray wyatt asking price

source: @justtalkwrestle, twitter, screenshot

One reason, per the Wrestling Observer, could be a money thing. According to the Observer the asking price to get Bray Wyatt in AEW or anywhere else is high.

Wyatt himself has not (and probably would not) confirm or deny such comments. Considering how over Wyatt was, in spite of poor creative planning…wanting top dollar isn’t hard to imagine.

Even after his release, he was still moving crazy amounts of merchandise.

So, there is certainly a justification for big money. If that is why he is not yet signed by anyone.

Then again, he might not really want to wrestle right now, with his movie project underway…but if someone wants to pay him some insane fee, he’d consider it.

For now, however, Bray Wyatt in 2022 might be what CM Punk was for years, until he finally landed in AEW.

WWE Events Doing Well Overseas

As the interest in wrestling in the United States seems to have maxed out for the company, it is important to note that recent WWE events were seen doing well overseas.

Specifically, WWE observed strong responses to WrestleMania 38, as well as the debut of Veer Mahaan…in India.

In general, the company loves to see when it has events doing well with overseas audiences.

According to, both nights of WrestleMania 38 did considerably better than last year’s WrestleMania 37.

And, when Veer Mahaan made his long, long, long drawn-out debut on RAW following WrestleMania? Those ratings were also modestly up from prior episodes.

bray wyatt asking price

source: @veermahaan, twitter, screenshot

Now, this is not to say that one drove the other…but the numbers are worth watching.

For whatever reason, 2022 ‘Mania ratings, each night, were up roughly 30% from the year prior. That is big.

And then for RAW, Veer’s arrival boosted that 9% from other recent RAW ratings.

Why is this news? Because as WWE feels its domestic and even European markets have been maxed out…India remains a largely untapped one.

If numbers continue to do well with Veer, I would not be shocked if Vince pushes him harder and higher than he did with even Jinder Mahal.

McMahon will do anything needed to enhance WWE’s appeal to the underserved and massive markets in areas like India and Saudi Arabia.