5 Details You Missed on WrestleMania Night Two


We are into WrestleMania Night Two. Night One was special and a lot of fun. But today we are looking for something even bigger. It could very well be one of the biggest nights in wrestling history.

Everyone is doing recaps and highlights. But we are doing something different. Here are 5 details you probably missed on Wrestlemania Night Two. 

The Latin in Triple H’s Intro

Triple H officially retired and left his boots in the ring during the opening segment of Night Two. Trips did his normal entrance and embraced his children and new WWE star Gable Steveson in the process. Triple H was pretty brief, compared to this normal promo, and included a bellowing “WELCOME TO WRESTLEMANIA” followed by some fireworks. There was some usual Latin in Triple H’s Titantron, and it was words we have seen before. 

Triple H loves using Latin. This Translation: All Hope Is Dead. While it has been his motto for a while, it could be interpreted now to mean that all hope of Triple H returning to the ring is over.

Gable Steveson’s Connection To Chad Gable

Besides the name*, both Gable Steveson and Chad Gable represented the United States at the Olympics in wrestling. 

Gable Steveson won the Heavyweight gold at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo in 2021. CHAD Gable wrestled in Greco-Roman wrestling in the 84kg weight class. 

The Giant Hand That Hit Sami Was From Jackass 3D

Among all the ridiculous stunts and toys unleashed during the Anything Goes match between Sami Zayn and Johnny Knoxville, perhaps the biggest was the giant hand that wiped out Zayn. But did you know it was previously used by the Jackass crew in one of their movies?

[video_player type=”youtube” id=”rMS4ESFlfDk” playerid=”b4Kcmo16″ ratio=”landscape” credit=”” crediturl=””]

The entire match was amazing, but the highlight was Wee Man bodyslamming Zayn. The crowd went ballistic! 

*Do you think one of them is going to change?

Edge’s Entrance 

Did you notice Edge’s entrance? A lot of people are noting that it was a reference to his time in The Brood.

Is he referencing the Undertaker?

Commentators noted that his high throne surrounded by flame symbolized Edge’s “Mountain Of Omnioptence.”

He had new music and a completely different look though.

Vince McMahon’s first WrestleMania In-Ring Appearance in 15 Years

Vince McMahon has not appeared ringside on the WrestleMania broadcast in years since his “Billionaire vs Billionaire” match against Donald Trump. Not only did McMahon accompany Theory, but he got into the ring too and wrestled a “match” as well. This was Vince’s first in-ring match in 10 years and his first WrestleMania match in 12 years. 

What was your favorite art of WrestleMania Night 2? Let us know in the comment section below.

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