WWE Launches NFT Line – Here’s What We Know

WWE Moonsault

WWE has entered the NFT market with their own platform, Moonsault. Why is WWE getting into the NFT game? What will be on offer? And what is an NFT?

Let’s dive in.

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WWE Moonsault 

Moonsault will launch in the days before WrestleMania 38*. Details are scarce, but based on previous NFT offers from WWE, we can expect trading-card like “tokens” that consumers can buy and trade. We do not know if Moonsault will be the only place where you can trade in the NFTs or if they will be available on OpenSea or other NFT trading platforms.

Reportedly attendees at the announcement got their own special NFTs.

This isn’t the WWE’s first foray into NFTs. In the lead-up to last year’s Wrestlemania, they sold a variety of NFTs to honor the Undertaker.

Reaction to the announcement was mixed.

What Is An NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token” and acts as a digital authenticity certificate. NFTs are a unique bit of code that theoretically provides proof of ownership of a digital asset such as a picture, film, or piece of audio. NFTs are relatively hard to regulate since you can screenshot an image or copy a media file. There have been numerous scams and Ponzi schemes attached to NFTs.

Think of them like trading cards or rare wrestling figures. They will probably sell well among WWE’s hardcore fan base, where collecting is popular.

I don’t mess with NFTs or cryptocurrency, for that matter. It seems like too much of a speculative market, and there’s nothing concrete backing it up.

In a related story, Mila Kunis is producing an animated show about WWE wrestlers where NFT holders get to help decide the plot.

Would you buy a WWE NFT? Let us know in the comment section below.

*side note: it appears WWE is numbering WrestleManias again. 

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