Undertaker Wants Superstar In HOF, Defends Controversial Comments

undertaker wants superstar hof
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Ahead of his own induction, The Undertaker wants this Superstar in the WWE HOF with him. And, at the same time, he defends his recent controversial comments.

Undertaker Wants Superstar In HOF

We all know he enters the WWE Hall of Fame shortly, but the Undertaker wants one Superstar in the HOF.

The WWE legend took time to speak with the Dallas Morning News ahead of WrestleMania week.

During the interview, plenty of topics got touched upon. By itself, it is a worthwhile interview to take in.

After all, The Undertaker is one of the more interesting characters in professional wrestling history…and the man has stories.

With that said, the questions turned to the WWE Hall of Fame. The Undertaker is the headliner for the Class of 2022.

But, he wants one other Superstar to join him in the WWE HOF.

Honestly, this name won’t be a shock.

undertaker wants superstar hof

source: @Wrestlingwcc, twitter, screenshot

The Undertaker wants Michelle McCool to join him in the Hall.

And, to be honest, he’s got a point. He may be biased (the two are married), but he has a point.

McCool has made numerous special appearances for WWE since she stopped being a full-time, active Superstar.

While her career may not be as storied as Undertakers, or some other Hall of Fame Superstars, she is deserving for her own reasons.

Before the WWE Women’s Revolution, we all knew the Divas Division. While it was not as big or notable as the current iteration, it is no less important.

And, McCool was a huge reason it was as significant as it was.

Defends Controversial Comments

One thing we know about the impending Hall of Famer is, he will speak his mind…and now he gets to defend some recent controversial comments.

Specifically, not long ago, The Undertaker called the current crop of WWE Superstars soft.

Those comments didn’t go over so well, with talent in and out of WWE.

However, when he was given a chance to backtrack a little bit, he doubled down.

Speaking on the True Geordie podcast, he defends his controversial comments.

Taking the comments in, it’s understandable why they didn’t go over well…but it’s also not hard to see what he meant.

As he explained it, he compared his generation to the current generation, and specifically said many current Superstars lack a certain grit.

When he had the chance to run them back, he stuck to his guns. He was not knocking any of the Superstars, per se.

If anything, he was pointing out that, in reality, each generation is different.

I have little to no doubt if you asked any of the older talent-like, before even Flair or Hogan-they probably saw some as soft then too.

Times are different. Things change.

defends controversial comments

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Superstars in 2022 are not pushed to work the insane schedules that others had been.

Undertaker made a comment, and it may ring true. Some he came up with, worked hard, traveled crazy, just working to eat until (or if) they caught their break.

Now, young talent still has to work hard (no one is saying that they don’t), but you’ve got more formal things like the Performance Center.

And, talent, per ‘Taker, aim to more emulate the comic book super heroes than wrestlers they grew up watching.

That current talent got a little bent about it, sort of supports at least some of where he was coming from…

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