RAW In A Nutshell: Having Fun With A Miz Homecoming

fun with miz homecoming
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It’s another RAW In A Nutshell, and this week we should be having fun with a Miz homecoming.

As in, this week’s RAW is coming to us live from Cleveland, the home town of both The Miz and his WrestleMania partner, Logan Paul.

Logan Paul is being advertised, throwing The Miz a Homecoming party on RAW.

But, that is not all…if it was the only segment, it would be a pretty boring RAW.

What else do we have to look forward to?

How about the tag team title triple threat? That’s a mouthful, but it should be a big match.

Alpha Academy defends against RK-Bro, as well as the team of Seth Freakin’ Rollins and Kevin Owens.

There will likely be fallout from the last few big WWE shows too.

Like, Brock Lesnar, the current WWE Champion, was left bloodied in Madison Square Garden by Roman Reigns. What happens next there?

Plus, we now know who Edge is battling at WrestleMania...but we also know Edge snapped on AJ Styles.

The Hall of Famer might just do some explaining this week, as to why he took a dark turn on his Road to WrestleMania.

And, there’s Logan Paul having fun with a Miz homecoming in Cleveland. Considering that duos WrestleMania match, I think it’s a safe bet we will see the Mysterios too.

Sadly, I doubt we see another famous Cleveland native…but I can dream.

But, with all that said, it is time for…

RAW In A Nutshell: Having Fun With A Miz Homecoming

fun with miz homecoming

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Let’s crack open this Nutshell and enjoy the party!

Best Match of the night:

I think there can be little doubt. That tag team triple threat match was just…amazing.

Loved the action, and can’t dislike the outcome.


source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Even the post-match follow ups. From Orton being over the moon happy with his partner, to the shock on the faces of Owens and Rollins…this match was good.

Worst match of the night:

Any match with the 24/7 title now is just played out.

So…that goes here.


source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Except, there are 2 other contenders.

1st, Omos versus Apollo Crews.


source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

2nd, Omos versus Commander Azeez, eventually.


source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

No one is asking for that match.

Star of the Night

On account of their title win, a nod to RK-Bro.


source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Honorable mention for a nice RAW debut, Bron Breakker.


source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Spot of the Night:

So, not really that devastating a spot…but it looked cool. That RKO on Gable as he was doing his moonsault.

Of course, as you look at in slo-mo, you realize the impact was no different than if Gable had just missed.

That and the closing exchange of that tag triple threat was a flurry of fun.

Jobber of the Night:

Apollo? Seems fair to go that route here.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Well…this feud is warming up just a bit…

Noteworthy Moment:

Bron Breakker made his RAW debut this week.

fun with miz

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Surely a sign of things eventually to come. For now, the young Steiner offspring is 1-0 in RAW matches, earning the tag match pin.

Upside here? Last time we saw an NXT Champion on RAW with the belt, things didn’t go so well.

Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley won a tag match and are now in the Women’s Tag Team Titles match, making it a triple threat.


source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Seemed a rather anticlimactic win, however.

Overall lowlights:

The 24/7 title has, I think, stagnated.

Like, get new faces in there…or get rid of it.

Overall highlights:

Can’t say enough about the opening tag title match.


source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Owens and Rollins sold the shock of losing well. Figure there’s a reason why those two were lingered on more.


source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

The new version of Edge could be fun, even if fans may miss their fan favorite Hall of Famer.


source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Could probably do without the blue lights for too long though.

And, amidst all the rumors of “will he wrestle” or “he won’t wrestle”, but hearing he will be at WrestleMania…we know how.

Not in a match, but via an invite to be on the Kevin Owens Show.


source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Now, I think it’s questionable to have Owens “only” do a KO Show with Steve Austin…but we all know Austin will pop that crowd.

After the final bell:

A fairly solid RAW, and the Miz Homecoming was barely a blip. I mean, we had fun with the Miz and his homecoming…but I feel like it was a missed opportunity.

Seriously, we got the Miz Homecoming, which gave us Logan Paul and even Jerry Lawler…but no Mysterios and no action.

miz homecoming

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

But, the rest of the show made up for it, I think.

Better than expected opening match. New tag champs.

Bron Breakker debuts on RAW, gives a tease of what the future could hold, and gets a win in his first RAW match.

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