Randy Orton’s WrestleMania Milestone, New Superstar Debuting Soon?

randy orton's wrestlemania milestone
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In a career becoming filled with them, get a load of Randy Orton’s latest WrestleMania milestone. And, based on a potential spoiler, is a new Superstar debuting soon?

Randy Orton’s WrestleMania Milestone 

His career is filled with major achievements, but take a gander at Randy Orton’s upcoming WrestleMania milestone.

The milestone, of course, is dependent on nothing changing between now and WrestleMania weekend.

Assuming that RK-Bro goes into WrestleMania still holding the tag titles…Orton’s storied career will have a milestone shared by no other Superstar.

Again, if things stay as is, Randy Orton will have the honor of being the only WWE Superstar to enter WrestleMania, at one point or another, holding each of WWE’s major titles.

As in, Orton will have entered a WrestleMania as tag champion, WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion and World Heavyweight Champion.

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Fans at times have sometimes ripped Orton for being less than exciting, but that’s a separate discussion.

His history shows that, from his days as the youngest champion until now, it’s been a storied career.

I’d almost be inclined to say he could actually be under-appreciated, though I think that may not be entirely fair.

While other Superstars receive more attention, Orton has been an absolute workhorse.

Whether he’s working as a face or a heel, he’s been in the midst of some really top notch programs.

Orton himself declared, on RAW not that long ago, that he is having the most fun of his career working alongside Riddle.

randy ortons wrestlemania milestone

source:@ProWFinesse, twitter, screenshot

Another crazy thing to consider: while John Cena received a lot of hype in chasing Ric Flair’s record number of title reigns…Orton is right behind him.

And, unlike Cena, Randy Orton still regularly works WWE matches…which means if it’s a record Vince McMahon wants broken, Orton could add that milestone too.

Randy Orton’s latest WrestleMania milestone is just the latest in a certain hall of fame career.

New Superstar Debuting Soon?

Speaking of young talent, could a new Superstar be debuting soon?

In a word…maybe. And the debut might have been spoiled by the Superstar himself.

Gable Steveson is considered one of WWE’s big future Superstars. He signed with the company, amid much fanfare, last year.

At the time, WWE and Steveson leveraged the new NCAA NIL rules to have him under contract, without giving up his amateur status.

Steveson has appeared for WWE (at SummerSlam) and has been in the backstage area at times. 

His in ring debut may be coming soon.

randy ortons wrestlemania milestone

source: @ncaawrestling, twitter, screenshot

Recently, the Superstar completed his amateur career with his 2nd NCAA Championship. 

After winning the title match, Steveson left his boots in the ring, confirming he was retiring from his amateur career.

He tweeted out thanks to the amateur wrestling community…but didn’t stop there.

Gable Steveson posted a follow up message, which he quickly took down…but not before others took a screen cap.

So…is the new Superstar debuting soon?

Possibly. Of course, he could simply mean that he plans on being in attendance at the biggest WWE weekend of the year, too.

Him saying he will be at WrestleMania could go either way. It’s possible we will see his in-ring career kick off…just as we could simply see WWE acknowledge his storied NCAA career and 2nd title.

With WrestleMania less than 2 weeks away…we will know soon enough.