plans for gable steveson
source:@mmafighting, twitter, screenshot

We know he’s been drafted…but what are WWE’s plans for Gable Steveson? And, in the wake of his brother’s AEW arrival, check out Matt Hardy’s new deal.

Plans For Gable Steveson

There’s been a ton of buzz around him for years, but what are WWE’s plans for Gable Steveson?

It is a fair question, since we’ve heard a lot about him…yet seen very little so far.

The WWE Superstar (to be) has been wrapping up his collegiate career. With that now basically a thing in his past, it’s time to ask the big question.

What are WWE’s plans for Steveson?

We already know he’s basically going right to the main roster. That was made clear with his selection during last year’s WWE Draft.

The move was equal parts shocking, and not.

plans for gable steveson

source:@mmafighting, twitter, screenshot

As an Olympic champion as well as an NCAA champion, Gable Steveson is a hot commodity.

He has been a rising star for many years, so it’s always been a matter of if, not when, he’d land on the biggest stage.

Well, according to the Wrestling Observer…Gable Steveson is going to be pushed very fast, and in a big way.

How big?

Well, as big as the man who he has looked up to.

Per the report, WWE does indeed plan to push him like their next Brock Lesnar.

While I may not fully agree with the move until we’ve actually seen him work a professional wrestling match or two…the plan is not shocking.

For years, long before his WWE deal, Steveson has been linked to and compared to Lesnar.

Both men won titles for the University of Minnesota. Soon, we may be able to say that both WWE Superstars have won numerous world championships as well.

Matt Hardy’s New Deal

Speaking of linked wrestling stars…it’s time to talk about Matt Hardy’s new deal with AEW.

Yes, Matt.

Brother Jeff Hardy, who was abruptly released by WWE a few months back, made his AEW debut on Wednesday.

Tony Khan, to the surprise of no one, confirmed that Jeff Hardy was All Elite.

And, at the same time, AEW gave Matt Hardy a new deal too.

matt hardy's new deal

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Now, Matt’s new deal is expiring when Jeff’s does.

It makes sense, in that it extends AEW’s commitment to both Hardy brothers.

This was a scenario that WWE had initially when they returned to WWE. But, the contract end timing changed with injuries and contracts being extended as a result.

Which is how Matt became All Elite when he did.

Jeff did have a chance to exit WWE sooner, but instead did opt to renew his own solo contract.

However, between that renewal and now, things obviously soured.

Jeff acted erratically during a house show, which led WWE to cut him. While the company suspected Hardy had relapsed, subsequent drug testing proved otherwise.

That was at least one reason why WWE offered Jeff a (premature) spot in the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame.

Hardy declined (because it would have only been Jeff, not along with Matt as the Hardy Boyz). Now, Jeff Hardy is in AEW.

And, Jeff and Matt both have new deals.