Five Facts About Omos – WWE’s Newest “Colossus”

Omos AJ Styles RAW
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Omos is the latest big man to make it big in WWE. Dubbed the “Colossus,” he is currently destroying foes to build up to an eventual title run.

But what do we know about the 7′ 3″ 400 lbs Gigantor? Here are a few fast facts 

Omos Is Of Nigerian Descent

Born Tolulope “Jordan” Omogbehin in Lagos, Nigeria, before moving to Chesapeake, Virginia, with his family. Omos is one of three members of the WWE roster of Nigerian descent, joining Apollo Crews and Commander Azzez. 

He Played College Basketball

Like many WWE stars, Omos started as a high-level athlete. He played basketball at the University of South Florida and Morgan State. 

He Speaks French

According to his bio, Omos is fluent in both English and French.

Omos Has A Great Twitter Account.

Despite playing a gigantic, humorless man of few words on TV, on Instagram, Omos is a gem! Here are a few of his great tweets.

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He’s A Crypto/Stock Bro.

Crypto and day trading became all the rage during lockdowns, and Omos seems to have bought into the hype or at least BOUGHT THE DIP!

He Isn’t Always So Serious.

Though on the house shows, he does have a pretty funny interaction with R-Truth

My thoughts on Omos

WWE is portraying him as this quiet and fearful giant, but if you see him on Twitter or in interviews, you can tell he’s a bubbly, talkative dude. There’s potential to make Omos a larger-than-life good guy. 

Vince and Co. would be wise to establish him as a big smiling babyface. We’ve seen plenty of destructors with mythical proportions. I think the audience could relate to a gentle giant. Maybe he’s been bullied for his size and is insecure about always being the most giant person in the room.

I don’t think being big and scary suits him. And frankly, it is played out, and the audience isn’t connecting with him. Sure he’s big and strong, but we’ve seen dozens of guys like that. Show us a giant with a heart as big as he is. Omos has that potential, and I hope WWE realizes that they can make a lot of money by a BFG on the roster.

What do you think of Omos? Should we big a good guy or a bad guy? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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