Matt Jackson Calls Wrestling Fans Toxic, Ex-AEW Champion Re-Signs

Matt Jackson Wrestling Fans

The beauty of wrestling is that it has a wide variety and diverse fanbase. Unfortunately, this can also mean that there are good-hearted fans out there and ones that aren’t. Recently, Matt Jackson had a bad experience and talked about it during an interview.

Matt Jackson Calls Wrestling Fans Toxic

While speaking on What Women Binge with Melissa Joan Hart, Matt Jackson talked about an incident with fans that took place in August of 2021. He got a pair of $6,000 Nike sneakers stolen.

It was especially disheartening because the runners were a gift from his wife. As he explains, his brother’s bag also disappeared last week at the airport.

While Jackson states there are a lot of “good” fans out there, he also made a pretty bold statement during the interview. He notes that wrestling has “the most” toxic fans in the world.

Matt goes on to say, they are the “worst”. He does state good fans that “love you, love you”. However, he also notes that when they hate you, “they hate you”.

Is Matt Jackson Right About Wrestling Fans?

One may say that Matt is bitter about stolen shoes, which is why he said what he said in the interview. But is he right about the toxicity of some wrestling fans?

There have been many times in the past that fans have crossed unhealthy lines in the land of sports entertainment. Plus, it’s hard to ignore the recent transphobia backlash that AEW star Nyla Rose has experienced.

At the end of the day, it’s sad that some bad apples spoil the reputation of the bunch. While there are some toxic wrestling fans, there are so many more that are incredible and supportive people.

Speaking of AEW, an ex-champion has recently re-signed with the company. More details on this are below.

Ex-AEW Champion Re-Signs

Miro was released from his WWE contract in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic budget cuts. He was also unhappy with his creative storylines and was ready to leave.

Matt Jackson Wrestling Fans

Source: @WrestlePuriststs, Twitter, Screenshot

It didn’t take long for him to appear on AEW TV. He became “All Elite” in no time after his split with the WWE.

While he hasn’t been on AEW television recently, according to Fightful Select, he has signed a 4-year extension on his contract. This means fans will be seeing Miro in the company until 2026.

According to the report, his deal was negotiated and agreed on in late 2021, but it didn’t officially get signed until later. Miro’s AEW contract was originally set to expire in the spring of this year.

What’s Next For Miro?

There has been some concern about Miro’s status with AEW. He’s been off television for a while now.

In fact, fans last saw him during the AEW World Title Eliminator tournament where he lost against Bryan Danielson to proceed to the finals. But, he’s also currently recovering from some injuries, too.

The good news is that he’s staying put in AEW. But what’s next for this incredible superstar?

He debuted in AEW in September 2020. It wouldn’t take long for him to become AEW TNT Champion, achieving this by May 2021.

He had a successful TNT title reign at 140 days. Miro eventually lost the championship to Sammy Guevara on September 29th, last year.

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