ROH Sale Details, Triple H Wanted Vince To Buy, WWE May Sue AEW

ROH Sale Details
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Wrestling fans are still reeling from Tony Khan’s announcement yesterday around Ring of Honor (ROH). While most didn’t realize it was up for sale, new details are emerging around the purchase and that Triple H once had an idea to buy the promotion, too.

ROH Sale Details

For those who didn’t tune into last night’s AEW Dynamite, Tony Khan opened the show stating he’s the new owner of ROH. Body Slam’s Cassidy Haynes notes in a report, not many people knew he was going to announce the deal.

According to a source in the report, the ROH sale cost about $30 to $40 million. Haynes notes this only came from one source and was not able to confirm the figure range with others either in ROH or AEW.

What are the plans for ROH? As per Hayne’s report, it seems that All Elite Wrestling will use ROH as a developmental territory. It also sounds like AEW talent from the “main roster” will dip into the ROH, now and again.

Triple H Wanted Vince To Buy

Dave Meltzer also chimes in on the ROH sale during a recent Wrestling Observer Radio. He reveals that both AEW and WWE had an opportunity to buy the promotion.

Meltzer notes that Khan simply made a better offer. However, both AEW and WWE were contacted.

Dave states that the tape library is of interest for AEW, as they want to move forward with a streaming service. Past footage will especially come into play as it relates to high-level talent like Kenny Omega, Jay Lethal, The Young Bucks, and Bryan Danielson.

Interestingly enough, Dave notes that in 2018, Triple H wanted to purchase ROH, too. This was when HHH was building his vision of NXT and wanted the best-of-the-best independent talent.

In fact, The Game pitched the idea of purchasing ROH to Vince McMahon. With that said, WWE’s Chairman wanted to buy a “bigger” promotion, instead.

The WWE tried to purchase New Japan Pro Wrestling, Stardom, NOAH, and AAA. No one would sell to them for what they were offering.

As such, the deals never went through. It’ll be interesting to see how the sale of ROH will change the face of the wrestling business, moving forward.

Regardless of what either company is saying right now, there seems to be some heated competition between AEW and WWE. In fact, there’s word that the WWE could sue AEW over contract tampering.

WWE May Sue AEW Over Contract

Jeff Hardy recently admitted that he is on his way to AEW. With that said, he’s technically still under contract with the WWE until March 9th.

Details On ROH Sale

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Hardy recently confirmed he was “All Elite” recently, on the YouTube channel show, Officially Jared Myers. However, he walked back on this statement through a post on Twitter.

Dave Meltzer spoke about this on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. While there are no legal actions against either Hardy or AEW, the threat of this is real.

The Implications Of Jeff Hardy’s Statement

WWE could seek legal recourse if they can prove that Jeff was negotiating with AEW, while still on contract with them. It wouldn’t keep him from going to AEW, but it may create delays and headaches for both the superstar and AEW.

This would make Hardy’s transition to AEW that much more difficult. Will it happen?

It’s hard to say. If the WWE feels jilted enough by Jeff and could provide evidence to support their case, anything is possible.