Details On Bobby Lashley Return, WWE Future Plans For WrestleMania

Details Bobby Lashley Return
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Bobby Lashley suffered an injury during his 2022 Royal Rumble match against Brock Lesnar, earlier this year. While he won the WWE title that night, he was later written out of storylines at the Elimination Chamber (EC) event. WNZ has details on his return.

Details On Bobby Lashley Return

Back in February when Lashley dropped his WWE Championship to Lesnar at EC, it was said that Bobby Lashley was injured and would be out for about four months. However, a new report has surfaced with some good news.

As per Fightful Select, WWE has big plans for his return. It sounds as if he’ll be Omos’s “mystery” opponent come WrestleMania 38.

More Details On Bobby Lashley WrestleMania 38 Return

An earlier report indicated that WWE had plans for Omos to have a singles match on The Grandest Stage of Them All. No opponent was named at that point, but it did state the talent would “surprise” many people.

Lashley returning at ‘Mania would be a nice surprise for many fans. Plus, the match could provide some great entertainment value.

No word on whether Bobby has been medically cleared to compete yet. His shoulder surgery reportedly occurred in late February.

If Lashley does participate in a match at WM 38, this would mean he’s coming back way ahead of schedule. Only time will tell.

Speaking of WWE’s flagship event, WWE seems to have secured plans for WM moving forward. Full story below.

WWE Future Plans For WrestleMania

Since COVID-19 hit in 2020, WWE has held WrestleMania over the course of two days. Both WrestleMania 36 and 37  had a “Night One” and a “Night Two” card.

Details Bobby Lashley Return

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This was due to pandemic restrictions, but the same format has been adapted for WM 38, despite the world inching back to “normal”. Dave Meltzer talks about WM and this format during a recent episode of the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast.

Meltzer notes that this year’s ‘Mania is a “test” for the WWE to see if a two-day event will do well with ticket sales, considering there are no more COVID restrictions. The WWE will likely look at the numbers, and whether ticket sales “sell-out”.

As per Dave, he believes WM will be a two-night thing, moving forward. He notes that he’s “talked” to people (likely within the WWE), and they gave the impression that a two-day WrestleMania is the planned format, moving forward.

2-Days Or Not, 2-Days?

Prior to 2020, WrestleManias (pre-show and all) would sometimes turn into a seven- to eight-hour event. They’d start as early as 5:30 (EST), and end well into the wee hours of the next morning.

This can be exhausting not only for the fans in attendance but the ones at home, too. The perception is that a two-day event is far less tiring, as doesn’t run as late.

As Meltzer states, this could always change. Plans and formats for the event have evolved significantly overly WM’s history.

After all, who thought a two-day ‘Mania was even possible before the pandemic hit? At the end of the day, WWE will do “what’s best for business”, and right now, it seems that includes a WrestleMania event that spans two nights.