Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic, AEW Star Calls Out Shane McMahon

Women's Dusty Rhodes Classic
Source: @DivasDirt, Twitter, Screenshot

The annual NXT Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic was supposed to kick off on this week’s show. However, the tourney did not start, as scheduled. Many are wondering what happened. WNZ has the full story, below.

Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic

Bryan Alvarez from Wrestling Observer Live talked about the reason behind the pause in the tournament. The good news is that the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic is not canceled.

Still, the bad news is that it can’t start because there aren’t enough teams. Alvarez notes that the same thing happened leading up to the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

He states the WWE has “systemic incompetence”. Bryan goes on to point out that the company released 87 wrestlers just last year, and yet are “confused” that they are “stuck” for both the Rumble and the Dusty Rhodes Classic.

Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic – Some Good News

Alvarez does say that the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic has not been dropped, entirely. He states the WWE is still “shooting” angles for it.

They just need to come up with enough female talent to start. But who knows when that will be?

Bryan did poke at the WWE and notes that when a company fires people and then asks them to come back for a stint, those talents will simply say “nope”. Well, he used far more colorful language for the wrestlers’ response, but this is a family-friendly website.

The WWE struggled when it came to filling the Women’s Royal Rumble this year, due to releases within all three rosters in 2021. Perhaps they’ll rethink staffing cuts in the future because of special events where more talent is needed.

Speaking of releases, it’s been reported that Shane McMahon was “quietly” released from the WWE this week. This has caused fans to speculate about a jump to AEW and there was even a talent within that company that “called” McMahon out, recently.

AEW Star Calls Out Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon has had quite the week! He went from surprise entrant at the 2022 Royal Rumble to being ousted out of the company in mere days.

Women's Dusty Rhodes Classic

Source: @DaxFTR, Twitter, Screenshot

Reports have surfaced that as lead producer of the Rumble this year, McMahon’s pushiness during the match caused waves backstage. He initially had WrestleMania 38 plans, but those have seemingly been scrapped.

Once he was dropped by the WWE, online fan speculation started. Could Shane McMahon join AEW?

It’s important to note, that at this point in time, McMahon joining AEW is just that, mere speculation. But it didn’t stop one All Elite superstar from reaching out to Shane-O-Mac.

Dax Harwood Remembers The Good Old Days

Dax Harwood took the opportunity to tag Shane McMahon in a Twitter post. Tweet below.

Of course, all the photos Harwood posted were of the time he and partner Cash Wheeler were in the WWE, as the Revival. They had an interesting storyline with Shane at the time.

Will Shane jump to the AEW? It’s only been days since Shane’s Royal Rumble debacle backstage.

Therefore, it’s hard to say what the future holds for Vince McMahon’s son and his role within the WWE. Only time will tell.