Reactions To Cody Rhodes AEW Departure, Battle For Top Free Agent

Reactions To Cody Rhodes
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Cody Rhodes shocked the wrestling world earlier today when he announced on social media that he’d be leaving AEW. His wife, Brandi is also departing from the company. Now, colleagues, friends, and fellow superstars offer reactions to this stunning news.

Reactions To Cody Rhodes AEW Departure

It was the tweet heard around the world. Just a few hours ago, The Rhodes both announced they are leaving AEW.

This story has multiple layers at this point. Not only has Cody and Brandi revealed they parting ways from the company they helped build, but multiple sources are also saying that Rhodes might be headed to the WWE.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the wrestling industry is reacting on social media. Reactions to Cody and Brandi’s announcement can be seen below.

It’s interesting that Rhodes would be headed to the WWE since he left the company in 2016 due to creative issues. Do his name and star power offer creative freedom with Vince McMahon?

Cody Rhodes Leaving AEW Has Floored Everyone

As AEW was not able to reach an agreement with Cody, he’s technically a free agent. Will he head to the WWE before or after WrestleMania 38?

Maybe it’ll be during the flagship event? Only time will tell.

Speaking of a free agent, one of Impact’s biggest superstars has now become one, too. As such, this has both the AEW and WWE eyeing this talent.

Battle For Top Free Agent

Impact’s Josh Alexander’s contract has expired recently, which has raised some eyebrows among those in the business. During a recent Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talks about the situation.

Reactions To Cody Rhodes

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As Meltzer notes, Alexander recently hopped on Twitter to let fans know that his work visa was through Impact. Therefore, he needs to get a new visa to work in the U.S.

Dave states that Alexander has had to cancel bookings within the United States, as such. Apparently, he and Impact are still in “talks”.

Meltzer was also quick to note that Brandi Rhodes recently mentioned Josh’s name on AEW TV. In fact, she says during the Ethan Page promo that the only reason we (AEW) brought him here was to get Alexander, too.

Dave states that Josh is a good wrestler and one of Impact’s biggest stars in 2021. He was once the company’s world champion and performed some incredible matches during his tenure.

Josh Alexander Is A “Good” Worker

Meltzer points out that Josh is a good worker, and things will likely “work out for him”. Dave also states that there are people within the WWE and AEW who are likely interested in him.

Alexander entered the indie circuit in 2005 and debuted on Impact in 2018. Over a span of three years, he held the world title, Impact X Division Championship, and Impact’s Tag Team titles, twice (with Ethan Page).

In fact, he’s also been a ninth Triple Crown Champion for the company. It’s hard to say exactly where Josh will end up, especially in light of the recent news around Cody Rhodes’s exit from AEW, and possible WWE return.