How Bad Is WWE Morale, Alexa Bliss Has More Therapy

how bad wwe morale
source: @fightfulselect, twitter, screenshot

A lot has been said about how chaotic things have been over the last week…so how bad is WWE morale following the Royal Rumble? Plus, Alexa Bliss has more therapy coming her way.

How Bad Is WWE Morale

Much has been said about the chaos surrounding the Royal Rumble matches…but how bad is WWE morale in the wake of that mess?

In a word…bad.

Per Fightful, some are describing the mood in the back as the worst it’s been in years. Some veterans even suspected it was at it’s lowest point all time.

Neither sounds great, obviously. Numerous reports indicate just how bad WWE morale is right now.

how bad wwe morale

source: @fightfulselect, twitter, screenshot

As we have discussed, both the men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches were apparently train wrecks.

Some were not thrilled with the number of all-too-brief women’s cameos, at the expense of younger talent (like, zero NXT use).

For the men’s match, we’ve heard of lots of issues, none bigger than the Shane McMahon situation.

That issue seems to have resulted in Shane being erased from current and future WWE plans.

At least on source noted that this was not just about the Rumble, either. They went on to say many feel like they cannot be heard, and it’s coming from bigger talent as well as the fringe Superstars.

A lot of the damage is self-inflicted…

Considering the issues that WWE has brought upon itself…it’s not hard to figure out how bad the morale is, or why.

We’ve witnessed a plethora of releases, for one. Some were more significant than others, with some definitely leaving fans and talent alike scratching their heads.

At least a few had issues with how Big E lost his well-deserved WWE Championship.

It seems likely that some even are disheartened by the NXT reboot which has not gone well.

All these factors add up, and then when you have your first of four “crown jewel” premium events and the 2 focal matches are disastrous?

Yes, morale is going to take a hit. How WWE rebounds from this remains to be seen.

Alexa Bliss Has More Therapy

Whether you like it or not, Alexa Bliss has more therapy segments recorded.

Fans have been clamoring to get the former champion back onto WWE television. We have not seen her in a match since 2021.

There have already been a couple therapy segments aired, and per Figthful, WWE has a total of 9 sessions recorded.

Whether they show us all 9 therapy sessions remains to be seen.

Even though we have 7 sessions unseen, that does not mean we have to wait that many weeks.

alexa bliss more therapy

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

It is possible that we will see multiple sessions per RAW, for example. Or, it’s also entirely possible that the company will decide that some are not necessary.

Given the number of yet to be aired sessions, it’s hard to pin down an exact return to RAW, live and in person.

Many of us had hoped or expected we would see Alexa back in time for the Rumble, but that didn’t happen.

Now, we have to wonder if the timing will have her back for a WrestleMania match? Or will the timing of her in-person return line up with the Monday after WrestleMania?

We know her return is imminent…and at least we should see her in the ring sometime before we see Veer…


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