Gimmick Matches That Deserve Their Own PPV

Elimination Chamber

Survivor Series, Hell In A Cell, Money In The Bank, Extreme Rules, Elimination Chamber. All shows that are built around a signature gimmick match. While some people think having contrived gimmick matches ruins the magic (I tend to agree), it got me thinking about what other gimmicks deserve their own PPV excuse me PREMIUM LIVE EVENT.***

Tag Teams 

Name Ideas: TURMOIL, YOU’RE IT (get it, like tag?).

Imagine a show that is a one-night tag team tournament. Would be a great chance to finally feature the tag teams in WWE who don’t get their own main events often enough. Also could be a great story of an underdog team crawling their way to the top and the main event and giving someone new a shot. 

Submission Only

Name Ideas: Tapout, Tap or Snap, SUBMIT

I love submission wrestling but I don’t know if it would translate to a big show. But why not give it a shot in NXT? There are plenty of amateur wrestling and MMA specialists in WWE who could do amazing in the tournament. AEW has plenty of options for an MMA-style event as well. 

Spin The Wheel Make The Deal

Name Ideas: Spin The Wheel, Wheel Of Ferocity, 

Another one that has been done before. NXT makes Spin the Wheel a feature part of the Halloween PPV. But I think bringing it back for the main roster could be a lot of fun. My only hope is that it would be real and not pre-determined, but that’s also my rule about all of wrestling.

Cinematic Matches

Ideas: Wrestling THE MOVIE

I love cinematic matches. They were the best part of the lockdown and both companies got to be really creative. The Last Ride and Bray Wyatt vs John Cena might be the two best expressions of storytelling in wrestling I’ve ever seen. Cinematic matches gave us what is the best heel move of all time. 

What about a whole movie around that? 

Other Random Ideas For Premium Live Events

  • King Of The Ring: Make it a big deal again and not an excuse to give a heel an annoying gimmick! 
  • No Gimmicks: There are so many gimmicks in wrestling that having an event where there are no gimmick matches are in their own gimmick.

Which gimmick would you like to see get its own show? Let us know in the comment section below.

**Sorry Vince, I am continuing to call them PPVs, I know that’s not technically what they are anymore, but I can’t say “Premium Live Event” seriously. “Hey, are you excited for the Premium Live Event, tonight?” Maybe we can call it PLE. To add to my point, we call the company”The WWE” which doesn’t make sense either. 

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